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by Sewmum1 ( edited 01 Nov 2016 ) 01 Nov 2016

Hope this is ok to share here. I am not affiliated with them, just love the designs. Unique U & I has 50% off sale for Melbourne cup day in Australia.

I have only just read the email but the info is posted up on the website. It is only for a very short time.

I had a few things on my wishlist I managed to pick up. The sale is sitewide.



by queenofhearts 01 Nov 2016

For anyone who loves the Koala stuffie that Kim posted recently you might want to check out the ITH stuffie on this site.

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Nov 2016

Hi as long as you have no affiliation and the site has no illegal designs then you can post

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 01 Nov 2016

Thanks. No affiliation and no illegal designs as far as i can tell and i have looked at so many of the designs there.

by stock 01 Nov 2016

I have not been there before, thankyou her designs are great...wendy

stock by stock 01 Nov 2016

did you win???we just watched

marianb by marianb 01 Nov 2016

No.. saved my $2 for something else