by tinfriend 31 Oct 2016

Need help finding a design please!

Can any Cutie please assist me in finding a design of a "Hanging / Trailing House Pot Plant " that I can use for a project that I am busy with. I want to place it on top of a "book case" so that it looks like the plant leaves are hanging or trailing down the front/side. Doesn't matter what size or technique the design is i.e. Applique etc!
I am desperate, so any assistance will be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


by tinfriend 02 Nov 2016

Thank you for the additional links ladies - I appreciate it - will heck these out too! Flowers for everyone!

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tinfriend by tinfriend 02 Nov 2016

Check these out - LOL

by jerrib 01 Nov 2016

Google....embroidery designs for ivy. I found this one

by sewtired 01 Nov 2016

Sue Box has a plant trailing from an urn in a garden scene here.

by tinfriend 01 Nov 2016

Sincere thanks for all the links! I will go and take a look and see if I can use any of these! Once again, sincere thanks for your assistance!
Flowers for all!

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Oct 2016

This is what I found. Could you possibly create it by using multiple flowers or leave designs?

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by rescuer Moderator edited 31 Oct 2016

Not much out there. I am adding the only one I found so far. I will add more IF I can find more.

by tinfriend 31 Oct 2016

My apologies - Am of course prepared to purchase - don't expect Free but that will be a bonus!