by eleen ( edited 27 Oct 2016 ) 27 Oct 2016

ITH Owl bag. Misread the instruction but managed to salvage the project. Definetly going to make another. There are 3 in the set - the one as beautiful as the other.. Done in 2 hoopings. Stippled back and actually really easy to do. Due to all the applique it takes a bit of time. Cannot decide whether to do a beaded or a fabric strap to be attached with rings to the loops.


by sonjapotgieter 28 Oct 2016

Fantastic!!!Well done....gorgeous

by lucy12345 28 Oct 2016

Great job!!

by maisiebo 28 Oct 2016

Lovely the material is great

by jrob Moderator 28 Oct 2016

He's very wise looking. I love your fabric choices and I agree with everyone else, the back zip is perfect.

by airyfairy 28 Oct 2016

Beautifully made.

by basketkase 28 Oct 2016

Very the look on the owl's face....

by grannycottage 28 Oct 2016

Good idea to put the zip at the back. I had already tried to make OWL bags with the usual front closure but the result was not very happy.
Well done.

by carolpountney 28 Oct 2016

Very nice like the zip at the back

by noah 27 Oct 2016

well i love him hugs

by Smokey12 27 Oct 2016

Great job and love your fabrics. Can't wait to see the other two.

by cj2sew 27 Oct 2016

What a great job. Your fabric choices are perfect.

by peafarm 27 Oct 2016

This is so cut and clever to put the zip in the back.

by pldc 27 Oct 2016

love your fabrics! it looks terrific ~hugs~

by Ossineu 27 Oct 2016

Oh, wonderful. I love owls and this is a great design. Good idea with the zipper at the back. You've done a very good job😃

by bemara 27 Oct 2016

however, it can look quite fiercely, great materials, zipper and giraffe at the back what one wants more . .

by pennifold 27 Oct 2016

I love the zip in the back too. Luv Chris

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eleen by eleen 27 Oct 2016

:) Thank you. Nice thing is that when used the opening is also more safe as it would be towards your body (hehe you can see we are more aware of crime). xx

by spendlove Moderator 27 Oct 2016

I like this one much more than the ones with the zip through the owl's face. Well done for matching the giraffe up on the back!

eleen by eleen 27 Oct 2016

:) Thank you - yes I agree. It is much better with the zippered back.

wintersjen by wintersjen 30 Oct 2016

where did you get the pattern??