by pldc 19 Oct 2016

I am getting a start on my Christmas gifts. I thought a nice case to hold the cord wraps would be a good present for everyone who has electronics. This one is for Miss Emilie


by peafarm 23 Oct 2016

Great projects. I have a granddaughter name spelled same as yours. I have a cord minder design I think freebie from embroiderygarden but have not stitched yet. It is saved to my husqvarna card though.

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pldc by pldc 23 Oct 2016

yes this is that one too, Embroidery Garden. If I might offer a tip: I have found that the thinner the vinyl the better it stitches out. This one is a bit thicker then the black one & I had a little bit of loose thread on the back side but the black stitched out great & the only thing I can think of it is this is a bit thicker. Thanks so much ~hugs~

by lbrow 21 Oct 2016

Great idea

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pldc by pldc 21 Oct 2016

thank you Lillian, I hope they all like them ~hugs~

by sonjapotgieter 20 Oct 2016

Super idea!!!!So Beautiful...Well done

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

Many thanks Sonja, ~hugs~

by phi4 20 Oct 2016

Good job with all these gifts. you are giving us all inspirations to start our x mass projects. I especially want to thank your kindness in sense that you always think of others & give link to your projects. By the way, I did not hear/ see any embroidery for your Thanksgiving, which is our Columbus in the US. Keep looking for your projects. Thank you.

pldc by pldc edited 20 Oct 2016

oh how very kind of you to say. this year for our Thanksgiving our girls asked us to bring my squash soups & Apple sauce & pies. SO no embroidery things this time around & I have to say I did miss making some.I did make myself a scarecrow towel to keep lol ~hugs~

phi4 by phi4 21 Oct 2016

That is a tall order for thanksgiving. But they sounds so yummy!. Looks like you are an all rounder, there is very little you can't do. Keep up.your good work & keep showing your projects.phyllis.

by basketkase 20 Oct 2016

How cute and what a good idea......

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

Thanks so very much Vicki, ~hugs~

by sandralane 20 Oct 2016

Great work, well done. Sandra.

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

Thanks so very much Sandra, ~hugs~

by noah 19 Oct 2016

she will love her Grammie:):)Good job tooooooooooo

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

Thanks so very much Carolyn, ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 19 Oct 2016

Great gift idea!

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

thank you Kim

by pennifold 19 Oct 2016

Great job on these. Luv Chris

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

Many thanks Chris ~hugs~

by bevintex 19 Oct 2016

Nice gift idea. I need a couple of these for myself.

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pldc by pldc 20 Oct 2016

thanks Beverly, ~hugs~