by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

I am soo disappointed this year for my Christmas Shoe box drive I made stuffed toys and this week sent them all off only to be told that they can't be sent because they are not CE certified and I will have to get CE certification if I want to do this in future. Have Google CE certification and it just seems to be too much PT so will have to concentrate on other things like hand puppets bags headband etc. On top of that have bought lots of designs for future use but that now seems impossible


by rsloan 16 Oct 2016

I read the note below that says a social worker will give them to a local children's home -- perhaps this "disappointment" was blessing in disquise. Just think of the smiles and hugs those children will give to your lovely stuffed animals.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

Thank yes in the end they will go to the little one not all lost

by airyfairy 16 Oct 2016

I am sorry to hear this Carol. My daughter is also making up shoe boxes and I have embroidered small hand towels and face cloths for the children. I do understand that stuffed toys may present a problem but I am sure that you will find a good home for all your hard work.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

Thanks I will now try and find someone through a church in my area that I can give some to I still have a box full as I did goodies for two sections one in Somerset and the other in Cambourne all is not lots I had so much fun making them I could not stopped and before I knew it I had made about 80 stuffies. It was the initial news that floored me for a while

by dixie 16 Oct 2016

WHERE DO YOU LIVE as here in south australia we put them into our baby parcels which we give to needy mums through social workers that work in hospitals and various communities.I belong to Country Womens Association
It is such a pitty the world has so many things to follow which are stupid in many ways Good Luck hope you can find some way you can still give them

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carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

I live in the UK and the funny thing is they can go anywhere in the country but as soon as you send them out to another country it's a no no does not make sense but there it is

by meganne 16 Oct 2016

Sign of a world going mad!

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carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

Yes I agree

by shirl4146 15 Oct 2016

How about giving them to the children's wing of your hospital, the Salvation Army to give out at Christmas, or to the local police to carry with them for children.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

Yes that is just what is going to happen the lady who does all the Christmas boxes has told me she will give them to a children's home so all was not in vain

by babash 15 Oct 2016

I think this has come about because of child labour in third world countries that were stuffing toys with Hospital waste bandages.
I would look around at Charities in your City or Town that do things for the less fortunate. Like perhaps the Salvo's that put a meal on Christmas day. I am sure they would welcome little gifts to give to the children or even the elderly.
There are so many places that would give you a big hug for what you have done. Animal shelters, Rotary clubs any place looking to do good at home. Please don't be disheartened you are still needed just have to find out where.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

Thank you for the kind words they are going to a good cause

by shirley124 15 Oct 2016

I am disappointed for you about your stuffed toys you made for the Christmas Shoe box drive. I hope they go to children who will appreciate them. I could not be STUFFED making any more if I were you. Concentrate on something worthwhile. Hugs

carolpountney by carolpountney 16 Oct 2016

Thank you they will go to a worthwhile cause I will make other things for next year and already have ideas as to what to make

shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2016

Nice to hear they will be going to another worthwhile cause. I also do things for the Christmas Shoe box drive. I will be delivering my huge box of knitted beanies on Thursday. I have not counted them yet but the box is full. I also have done some scarfs. Other years I have embroidered things but life has gottten in the way this year. Keep on making those lovely stuffies and enjoy giving them to local children to love. Hugs Shirley

by gerryb 15 Oct 2016

I think about all the things in dollar stores here in USA that are not so good for kids...and they want us to only send BOUGHT stuff. Hummm. I don't care if it does have a CE tag on it, there's been a ton of recalls on toys made out of the country. But thks for the heads up!

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

I agree

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Oct 2016

This is so sad. I was not aware of that. My church has send handmade stuffed toys to orphanages along with quilts. I guess we were just lucky.

carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

Yes I think that if it gets sent out of the country it's OK that is my understanding am still reading through the rules etc very complicated

carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

what I meant to say if it's sent out of the country one has to abide by certain rules sorry for confusing

by dennis999 15 Oct 2016

I was so disappointed to read this piece, although grateful for having had the subject matter brought to my attention. Unfortunately, departing the EU (which couldn't come quickly enough for me) will not resolve the matter and in any event is only likely to be replaced by the old British Standards system. Frankly, I am sick and tired of our killjoy political elite stuffing their snouts into the joys which we once enjoyed doing for the benefit of others, irrespective of whether that was for charity of making a few shillings on the side.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

Dennis thank you a different point of view, I will just have to put my thinking cap on a do other stuff the toys were so much fun to see them come to life and my grandchildren are now into ipads and the like so I have become redundant.?.

by mops Moderator 15 Oct 2016

So sad.
Would a hand puppet not come under the same requirements?

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

No there is no stuffing of course if heads of the puppet are stuffed then no they won't be accepted

by bevintex 15 Oct 2016

Could they not be given to a child in your local area

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

Yes I have told the lady who organises this drive in Somerset to give them to whomever she can

by dragonflyer 15 Oct 2016

So sad to hear this, Carol. So many children will be so disappointed..

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

Yes I am a bit guttered but will make it up next year thank goodness I did a few bags and headbands dolls sleeping bags and some bath sponges so at least I did my share just not as much as I wanted to do

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by Smokey12 edited 15 Oct 2016

CE certification for stuffed animals (toys) is the same here in the US. We think more of the UL label. What is the Google CE certification? That sounds like a technology thing, not a safety certificate.
Here is a link to get the CE certificate (at the bottom).

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

Yes that's the site have read it and all the things they want me to do is just too much work will abandon the stuffies

by spendlove Moderator 15 Oct 2016

To get CE certification here in England, samples of a product are tested to destruction before the certificate is awarded. (I know a lady who makes teddy bears and she explained the whole rigmarole to me. I don't know how individual items could be done. I do know that here we can by CE certified thread.
Does this mean that your shoe boxes can only have mass produced bought items in them?

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carolpountney by carolpountney 15 Oct 2016

Yes sue a bought toy with the CE tags is acceptable it's just too much at the moment and if I understand it correctly if it tested on one fabric and I change the fabric that also has to be tested and files have to get kept on all things used for the making of a particular stuffie too much PT