by 02kar Moderator 14 Oct 2016

It breaks my heart hearing again that folks have lost designs and pictures and that even with back ups it can still be a problem. We also need to be aware that we need to have a back up generator/surge protector on each of our machines and computers/laptops. The generator will give you enough power to shut down the machine in a safe manner and the surge protector speaks for itself. They are not very expensive but I have learned they are important especially of there is a nearby lightning strike.


by pcteddyb 15 Oct 2016

I am wondering if this is a U P S (uninterruptable power supply)? Basically it is a power strip with a built in battery. When you have it plugged in it keeps the battery charged so if the power goes out you have a few minutes to shut everything down "properly". It also helps with a power flash (where the power flashes and does not go out). You can get different sizes based on what type of things you have plugged in to it. They are very nice and not terribly expensive.

by pldc 15 Oct 2016

same here I have not heard of this generator but all my machines are hooked up with a surge protector. Something I will have to look into this generator thing. Thanks for the info. ~hugs~

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Oct 2016

Thanks Karen for this. My machines are on a surge protector but I have never heard of using a generator before. All good advice for anyone who has a embroidery machine(s)