by anssmile 10 Oct 2016

Hi All Cuties

Just a thank you to all of you who prayed for me to get a job I love. I did get the job, and after my probation period I am now a permanent staff member of the company.

I love my job, and for fun I digitize for an online site. My son no longer have a problem with me digitizing - I am sure it is also a result of your prayers.

My life is a joy again - I smile at work, and even at home! It is so nice to go to work without hating it.

It is also so nice to earn a salary that is more than just on the bread line. I needed a camera to take pictures of my designs, and I could afford to buy one. What a pleasure!

Thank you all again.

My prayers are with those who need them. May God be with you and heal you or help you with whatever it is you need to cope with.

Here's to your health! If you don't like alcohol, have a cold drink! Cheers!



by pldc 11 Oct 2016

God works miracles every day & I am so glad that your is another one ~hugs~

by zoefzoef 11 Oct 2016

Anneliese, Good to read that things are back on track ! We all can thank God for giving new opportunities

by noah 11 Oct 2016

i am sewwwww happy for you my friend !!And thanks for the cool drink of Diet Pepsi lol
And Yes God still answers prayers ****Carolyn xxoo

by dragonflyer 11 Oct 2016

So nice that you have finally turned the corner and you are in a happy place!

by shirley124 11 Oct 2016

Congratulations. Great to hear your life has come together and you are happy and can SMILE. Pleased you can digitize for fun without your son having a problem with it. You must both be contented with life now. Hugs Shirley

by cfidl 11 Oct 2016

Yeah! I am so happy for you and your son! Thanks for sharing your good news.

by airyfairy 11 Oct 2016

Congratulations - you have worked hard for this. I wish you well for the future.

by graceandham 11 Oct 2016

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Lovely shading on your design. So glad to read the word JOY in your post! It's nice to be valued at work.