by Sewmum1 11 Oct 2016

We went strawberry picking yesterday. We all had so much fun. We left with tummies full of strawberries, arms loaded with 5kg trays of strawberries and covered in farm dust!

We picked 2 huge trays ourselves and bought several others that were picked by the workers but were not pretty enough to sell to the supermarkets. ( I thing we ended up with about 30kg all up)

I am planning on making some strawberry jam, smoothies, cordial and fruit leather. But I am sure I will still have strawberries left. Does anyone have some good strawberry preserving or baking recipes they are willing to share???

I would love to share some of these delicious mouthfuls of goodness with my cute friends but sadly that function has not been enabled on computer yet so I hope these photos will do!


by Sewmum1 13 Oct 2016

So far I have made 8 trays of dried strawberries, 3 trays of fruit leather and strawberry sorbet!

Now off to deal with more strawberries

by 02kar Moderator 11 Oct 2016

I love to dehydrate all of the fruits and veggies I can get my hands on. It's easy to do, the dried fruits and veggies can stay preserved for years and they take up less space while being stored. I bought a good dehydrator. It's worth the money and keeps your oven free for other uses. I hope you share what you do with these beauties. BTW, I have corn, peas, lima beans and mixed veggies in my Excalibur as I type.

by Smokey12 11 Oct 2016

They look wonderful and I am glad you are getting warm weather now. We recently started fall. I can almost taste them. :)

by noah 11 Oct 2016

Awesome you must live where it is warm??The berry's look yummy we pic here in June and then make Jam lol Excellent job hugs from Canada were today it is 40f !!!

by jrob Moderator 11 Oct 2016

Beautiful fruits of your labor.

by airyfairy 11 Oct 2016

They look magnificent. I just love strawberry jam

by dragonflyer 11 Oct 2016

Yummy! I love strawberries and we have them almost year round here in Southern California...

by cfidl 11 Oct 2016

Where are you that strawberries are ready? South of the equator... I love strawberries. I do not know of any pick your own though places near me. How wonderful to make all the goodies. I made some blackberry leather a few months back. I had not heard it called that. I have been drying more fruit this year. Dried strawberries are yummy also and last a long time. just slice and place in 135 - 175 (57 - 80C) degree F oven for up to 3 hours depending on thickness.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 11 Oct 2016

Yes I am in Western Australia, it is Spring here at the moment. We had a long drive to pick the strawberries, but it was more about having a fun day out than cheap strawberries.
I will try your method for drying strawberries as mine last attempt ended up dry and tasteless? I must have dried them for too long

cfidl by cfidl 13 Oct 2016

You will enjoy them for months to come. and if you have a food sealer... years to come. Lol!

by graceandham 11 Oct 2016

They are lovely. Do you make a pound cake or an angel food (sponge) cake? I make Strawberry Angel Sauce in the blender with a serving spoon or two of cottage cheese and maybe a serving spoon of plain yogurt, plus 2 -3 berries to make the color pink. Serve your slice of cake on a pretty plate, pouring the thickened sauce on top and add as many sliced berries as make your heart happy. If sauce doesn't taste sweet enough to you, add a smidge of sugar (this is slightly more than a pinch). This lovely sauce works for other fruits, too, even canned peaches or fresh cherries.

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 11 Oct 2016

I haven't made pound cake or angel cake before. Do you have a good recipe?

I will put your sauce recipe on my list it sounds delicious. Your measurements sounds just like mine! Thank you.

by katydid 11 Oct 2016

Perhaps you could freeze them at their peek and later decide how to use them. I love strawberries also!! Kay

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 11 Oct 2016

Good idea. I have a vacuum sealer. My DH likes frozen strawberries with ice cream, not sure how he hasn't broken any teeth yet.

by killiecrankie 11 Oct 2016

What a haul.
I have been picking my strawberries since last month but the berries are only ripening from the top down , for about half the berry or if we are really lucky 2/3 of the berry.It is only spring here ,so it might improve as it gets hotter but they still taste nice.

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 11 Oct 2016

I think different varieties ripen at different times don't they?
It is Spring here for us too! Yay I am loving this weather. It feels like it has been a long winter.