by babash 07 Oct 2016

Another couple of in the hoop zip bags.

The sneaker one is made out of left overs except for the zip that is new.
The main fabric is Gabardine I made DH trousers out of this about 35 years ago never used up the left overs. The sneaker fabric is left over shirt fabric about 5 years ago.
Hot air balloon main fabric dots left over from bibs. But the bright colours are new as is the zip.
Just goes to show even odd shaped pieces you think are no good can come in handy.
Designs from Disorderly Threads.


by peafarm 09 Oct 2016

Love those--my fave is the sneaker! They turned out so nice.

by Jamielyn 09 Oct 2016

What fun bags

by shirley124 08 Oct 2016

I just love the boot purse. The colors are so good. Hugs

by pldc 08 Oct 2016

oh they turned out exceptionally well! nicely done~hugs~

by dragonflyer 08 Oct 2016

Great job on both!

by decojo 08 Oct 2016

Terrific bags!

by sandralane 08 Oct 2016

Love the bags you have made, they are terrific. Sandra.

by sonjapotgieter 08 Oct 2016

Designs are Just Stunning!!!!!Great work on bags...Whose designs Please!!!

by noah 08 Oct 2016

Oh i love this shoe i must buy this design Excellent job hugs

babash by babash 08 Oct 2016

My DH thinks I am a Genius for the way this design turned out but in reality all credit goes to the Digitizer every step is done so perfectly and the instructions are so clear.

babash by babash 08 Oct 2016

Forgot to add you can get the shoe just as an applique.

by pennifold 07 Oct 2016

Wow, I can't believe you still had the fabric after 35 years!!! They are both great, love Chris

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babash by babash 07 Oct 2016

Would you believe I have a piece given to me by my Mother in Law years ago that she bought with coupons after the war.
Seems she was on the bus and a very large lady had a dress made out of the same fabric and when she stood up it was all creased where she had sat so she wouldn't use it.

by bevintex 07 Oct 2016

Your bags are very nice, I like the bright colors on the balloon

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babash by babash 07 Oct 2016

Thank you