by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

I tried something different today. I saw Loralye's vinyl zip case so I thought I'd use some I had and combine it with fabric. I only embroidered the butterflies .everything else was done on my regular sewing machine, even putting in the zipper. My top stitching needs some work but I was pleased with a first try. I had the mindset that I had to do zippers in the hoop. Using my sewing machine opens up many more creative possibilities. And it wasn't even hard to do


by brendalea 10 Oct 2016

Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing. Happy Stitching!!!

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bevintex by bevintex 10 Oct 2016

Doing some Christmas stitching today

by graceandham 09 Oct 2016

Bev, I like it very much.

by airyfairy 08 Oct 2016

Lovely Bev. The embroidery with the material looks so good.

by decojo 08 Oct 2016

Lovely bag!

by Abbygail 07 Oct 2016

WOW Bev ! What a nice job!

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bevintex by bevintex 07 Oct 2016

Thank you

by sewdeb 07 Oct 2016

This is lovely! Funny how much we fear zippers no matter how we but them in! Took me forever to get up enough nerve to try an ITH zip case. And then I wondered what took me so long to give it a go!

by pennyhal2 07 Oct 2016

Great colors in this little purse! I'm still afraid to do zippers ITH. sigh.

by sonjapotgieter 07 Oct 2016

Job well done!!!!Looks Awesome...

by mops Moderator 07 Oct 2016

It looks very pretty! I prefer making bags on the sewing machine, have been doing that for 60+ years and ITH has its restrictions. I do love to add machine embroidery.

by pennifold 07 Oct 2016

Wonderful job on everything, love Chris

by queenofhearts 06 Oct 2016

Cute bag. Zippers aren't as scary as some people think. I was putting zippers in with a regular sewing machine long before I did any in the hoop.

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bevintex by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

I have found that out, I even used some of my metal zips with no problems

by pldc 06 Oct 2016

oh this turned out really pretty Bev, ~hugs~

by noah 06 Oct 2016

love your bag ****now what you goina sew???lol hugs

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bevintex by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

a bigger bag. lol I have a few ideas floating in my head

by Smokey12 06 Oct 2016

How creative. Looks great and a wonderful idea. I have found that I prefer to put in my zips on the regular machine.

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bevintex by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

now I can make my bags any size. Not just limited to 5x7

by parkermom 06 Oct 2016

My embroidery machine is a convertible sewing machine/embroidering machine, and now that it's in the shop I am having both embroidery withdrawal and sewing withdrawal! Zippers are so easy ITH, but they're not too bad on the sewing machine. Your bag looks great.

bevintex by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

My poor butterflies aren't centered, I was too focused on everything else. Next one I will pay more attention

mops by mops 07 Oct 2016

I commiserate on the no-machine issue. I am fortunate enough to have a 1952 straight stitch only Elna and a 1963 Elna that has cams for all sorts of machine stitches (and I have a lot of those), both of them in very good working order. Just had the 1952 one serviced and my maintenance guy was lyrical about its condition.