by michemb 03 Oct 2016

Well cuties, thank you all for your positive energy and thoughts, my show was a great success. We did not have many visitor but I managed to surpass my expectations and sold a bit of everything despite an aging population. Kitchen, baby, my bags, everything except xmas, clients not ready for that yet. I am more than pleased with my weekend,

hugs and flowers to all


by cfidl 11 Oct 2016

Yeah! I am so happy for you! You do beautiful work.

by maisiebo 10 Oct 2016

So glad you did well I have stopped doing fairs people here in the UK seem to just walk around looking and not buying what ever you are selling and whether you are at a big craft fair or a little one

by pennifold 04 Oct 2016

Well done Michelle, I knew you'd do well. Your work is magnificent!!!

Here in Australia we have Christmas decorations already up in the stores - they started a couple of weeks ago - far too early for me!!! I won't buy anything till at least November. The shops are just money hungry! Love Chris

by mrskiki 04 Oct 2016

That's wonderful. I spent last weekend at Canton, Texas which bills itself as the largest flea market in the world. Not sure if that still applies but it is huge. Anyway, talking to one of the vendors, she said she has a store in another city and sales are always off in an election year. So glad to hear you did well. Hugs. Nan W

by sandralane 04 Oct 2016

I am so happy for your success, well done, lets hope the next sale includes your christmas things as well. I wish continued success for you rsales. Sandra.

by harleysville 04 Oct 2016

Good to hear that you were successful Michelle. The Christmas and Halloween decorations have been up at our Sam's Club since Sept.

by katydid 03 Oct 2016

Glad to hear you had a good show!!

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016


by babash 03 Oct 2016

Usually at this time the smart shoppers are buying the Christmas gifts not necessarily things that have Christmas on them but things like your lovely bags that can be used all year round.
I would have a little Christmas themed stock but more of the "Wow that's great haven't seen that before items."

michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

That is exactly what happened, quite a few asked if they could come to my home later when their lists were complete, wait and see what happens

babash by babash 05 Oct 2016

Next time you could perhaps take orders with a deposit?

by lbrow 03 Oct 2016

Good to hear Michelle/Lillian

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

thanks Lillian

by jrob Moderator 03 Oct 2016

Good for you!

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

thanks Jerrilyn

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Oct 2016

Great news. Glad it turned out to be beyond your expectation.

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

Me too, hope they all go that well

by Abbygail 03 Oct 2016

So happy for you Michelle !

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016


by airyfairy 03 Oct 2016

I am so pleased for you. I knew it would be a success as your work is beautiful

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

thanks Sarah, I had fun

by dennis999 03 Oct 2016

Well done Michelle............they will all be desperate for the Christmas items in a few weeks I'm sure.

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

hope so, thanks

by laffma1 03 Oct 2016

That's great news - glad your show was such a success. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to see people enjoying your handmade creations? Hope your Christmas items sell just as well, when the time comes.

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michemb by michemb 04 Oct 2016

thanks and yes it is very gratifying to fell appreciated