by maisiebo 03 Oct 2016

In between my Xmas embroidery I'm also reborning a few doll kits that are for sale thought you might like a little peep of just a few that are waiting to be adopted the first two have painted hair but the third has micro rooted hair

Hope you like them


by maisiebo 04 Oct 2016

If you would like to see more pop in and say Hi on face book and like my page and view my album of babies
Chris's Tree Top Nursery

Thank you for all your lovely comments

by sandralane 04 Oct 2016

They are just all so adorable,and so lifelike. You haver done such a terrific job with them. Sandra.

by pennifold 04 Oct 2016

They are all gorgeous and look lifelike. So much work has gone into these baby dolls. Love Chris

by marianb 04 Oct 2016

Beautiful babies.. A lot of work involved..

by baydreamer 03 Oct 2016


by lildoll2 03 Oct 2016

i just love your babys , what do you sell the #3 one for, i did porcelain dolls for 15 years, not as cute as this one, they are so real... doris

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maisiebo by maisiebo 04 Oct 2016

The 3rd one is £225 not sure what postage would be for out side the UK I do pay plan through pay pal where you pay over an agreed time starting with a deposit and baby is shipped on last cleared payment

by Smokey12 03 Oct 2016

OMG, you are fantastic, fabulous, and very talented at this. One and three look so real to me. The middle one is also very good. I hope they all sell for you.

by ribblev 03 Oct 2016

Beautiful work. Do you make the dolls yourself too? One of my friends is a master doll maker so I know the amount of work involved there and the cost of materials. She also falls in love with the odd one and likens it to selling her own children..... people do not realise how steady your hand has to be to do what you are doing. Thank you for sharing.....Ann

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maisiebo by maisiebo 04 Oct 2016

Thank you I am not that clever to make the sculpts I just buy the kit and paint them and some times root the hair it does take many hours but is so rewarding when you see the end result no two ever quiet turn out the same it all ways surprises me how different they can look

by babash 03 Oct 2016

I just can't believe how real they look. The last one especially.

by dee 03 Oct 2016

They look so real. The third one looks like one of my daughters when they were born. Thanks for sharing

by maisiebo 03 Oct 2016

Thankyou for your kind comments I must admit some times it is hard to part with one that I fall in love with

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Oct 2016

They are beautiful. Unbelievably real looking.

by Sewmum1 03 Oct 2016

Your babies are beautiful. Lots of work too!

by momac 03 Oct 2016

They are really lovely, they do look so real and very huggable. Hugs Maureen

by jrob Moderator 03 Oct 2016

They are wonderful. They look so real!