by maisiebo 01 Oct 2016

Who has folders of zipped files waiting to be unzipped and sorted out ?


by sandralane 04 Oct 2016

I will generally do the unzip as soon as i download, sometimes if i am busy will do them over a few days. I lke to have order in my designs if possible. Sandra.

by pennifold 04 Oct 2016

I open my Zipped files as soon as I download them. I think I definitely have OCD!!! A place for everything and everything in its place!!!!!

I'm like Meg and Sarah - it's best to do it straight away. Love Chris

by airyfairy 03 Oct 2016

I unzip as I receive them. I am a tidy freak

by meganne 02 Oct 2016

Nope. I learn from my mistakes.
It is unwise not to open zipped files immediately because a zip file can become corrupt during the downloading process so if you haven't opened it to check that the contents are ok, you may come back later and find all you have is a corrupted zip file and that you have lost the contents, that may no longer be available at all, or you can't remember what it even contained, or if it was the letters of an alphabet, your alphabet is now incomplete, etc. etc.

Nope, I unzip all zipped files immediately after I download them.
Then I file the designs in the appropriate folder and move the zip file into a "Zipped files" folder in a separate area, just in case I need it again.
hugs n roses, Meganne

snowbird42 by snowbird42 03 Oct 2016

Hi Meganne i had not thought of keeping the zipped files after filing the contents in their catogories i will start doing this thanks for the tip. soozie

meganne by meganne 05 Oct 2016

Glad to be of some help Soozie.
If the zip file contains a SET of designs, in all the different embroidery formats, I will just zip the set in the format I use.
Sometimes I rename the zip file so I can recognise it more easily and I keep the ZIP Folder on a portable hard drive or you could use a large capacity USB stick. xxx

by pcteddyb 02 Oct 2016

Ummmmm, ME!

by maisiebo 02 Oct 2016

After reading so many comments we all sound like we have the same problem think I will make my self unzip a few each night wonder how long that will last haaaa

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meganne by meganne 05 Oct 2016

Good habits are habit forming! :-)

by marianb 02 Oct 2016

I have as my DH says (to many) but I say not to many. I do try to unzip and file at least once a week, it's therapy while the machine works it's magic.. One day I'll get the pile smaller..

by dragonflyer 01 Oct 2016

Hmmm, not that many...I save my zipped downloads into a special file where they are waiting to be unzipped and then after unzipped, they move into a To File folder...then into the Master Filing Folders...I try to at least do this once a week...probably more...I have more unzipped files in my To Be Filed folder than I do unzipped files...I also try to do the Master Files once a week...but sometimes that turns into two or three weeks...

by peafarm 01 Oct 2016

I download for about a weeks and save to a usb, then when I go upstairs to bed at night I either sew a bit, put stuff away in sewing room or sit at the computer to unzip and file away the designs according to what they are and what category I store them--sometimes in multiple files as to what it pertains to. Or, if I can't fall asleep I will get up and work on them awhile. I do a back-up most of the time as soon as I know I've moved a lot of them on an external drive. That drive is almost full!! We have so many gracious people that give us these freebies. Yes, we are fortunate. I can't digitize so I know I am blessed to have them all. There is only one place where I go download many freebies that I just can't stay caught up with but believe me--they are backed up. I can recognize usually a design someone has stitched out and I've downloaded it but could still be in the uncategorized download.

by PeggyJ 01 Oct 2016

I like graceandham's answer. We are indeed blessed to have so many.

by graceandham 01 Oct 2016

Okay, I've thought about this awhile. It's like asking, who has too much embroidery thread, or who has too many fat quarters, or, for Dennis' sake, too many scissors? We almost all have too much of it all! Aren't we blessed.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 02 Oct 2016

It's impossible to have too many of any of these.

by aleene 01 Oct 2016

I have lots of them, my eleven year old grandson was wanting me to make a frog change purse for his teacher he watched me hunt for the frog, he said granny why don't you put all of those in a file, I told him I didn't have time so he said he would do it for me.LOL I got behind while my husband was sick, and just haven't wanted to do much since he passed.

by AuntAnnie 01 Oct 2016

I have only recently competed the chore of unzipping and sorting files from 2015! Am I losing this battle?

by maisiebo 01 Oct 2016

Sounds like we all do it glad I'm not the only one I do save the zipped down load with a title so I know what the design is when I started I didn't do that but one learns quickly what to do

by momofeight 01 Oct 2016

I have a ton of them I also tell myself to take care of them but so far have not did it

by maleah 01 Oct 2016

Me, too.. I keep saying that "someday" I will have more time.....

by mops Moderator 01 Oct 2016

I must confess I have quite a few.
I use Embroidery Deduper as it not only unzips a whole batch, it also removes unwanted formats and saves them in files of my choice. My backlog is not very large.
I make back-ups regularly although it is not always the intended once a week :( However, I always make a back-up before going away for more than a day - since the break-in when my laptop was stolen a learned that lesson :)

by jofrog2000 01 Oct 2016

A while back I started unzipping immediately after dl. I save to a usb into folders of designers. Have a folder of ongoing alphabets for them. It really doesn't take more than a moment, and I know that the file is not corrupt or missing parts. That would be so much more irritating to me.
I have SewIconz to see files, and it makes it super convenient when looking. If a zip has a folder inside with the designs, you have to open the zip. Now, as for the sorting into categories, which I do after I back up all those files on dvds and my external, THAT is an ongoing project that I don't think I'll ever catch up with. When I first started and designs showed up with the right colors since there were not so many choices of thread, I had sorted cds, but now that I save jpgs and txt files etc, it takes longer.

by graceandham 01 Oct 2016

I've been real good this year and worked them as they appeared. But... I've been bad to backslide in the past..

by Midnight1 01 Oct 2016

I do also. Then I figured out how to open then save, plus add notes of what the design is and from what digitizer Takes longer but I know if everything is ok with the design. Still have not unzipped files from yrs ago. I have collected files since 2000. I am using Viking's 5D

by maisiebo 01 Oct 2016

I darn't count it would take all day I keep telling my self I will spend an evening unzipping a few but I never do

by gramsbear 01 Oct 2016

Me too!!! Lots of them!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Oct 2016