by babash 29 Sep 2016

Hoping all the South Australian cuties are safe and no real damage done to their houses from the storms and the ones in NSW are high and dry from the flood waters.

Been a nasty few days for some of the still over 100,000 without power.
Could be a while yet before things return to normal.


by dragonflyer 30 Sep 2016

Hope all are safe and sound...

by sdrise 30 Sep 2016

Glad you are Ok..

by vickiannette 30 Sep 2016

We had a 27 hour stint with no electricity However, as we live on a farm, there is a couple of generator sets around. We managed quite well and didn't have lots of damage and no flooding. Thanks for asking, my friend.

by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Sep 2016

The weather is so crazy that I am not sure what normal is any more. It brakes my heart to see all the destruction by floods, storms, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and what else mother nature has in store. I hope all Cuties in the world are save.