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by graceandham ( edited 28 Sep 2016 ) 28 Sep 2016

File under Computer Irritations. Since I updated to Windows 10, it keeps disappearing my CD-DVD drive. It's there, but I can't find or use it. I have now done the 4th fix, but I know Windows will run some updates on the sly and I'll find it missing again. This time I tried 5 different fixes and the total down time for my computer was 2 hours and 55 minutes. The worst fix was one that said it was free and then wanted credit card info for $10 fee at the end. (I x'ed it out and then erased all evidence of their program and logo.) Aargh! Maybe my printer will be back, too with the updated drivers - it's only been printing blank pages for about 2 weeks. You just gotta love them anyway. Update: I forgot to check. After all that updating, it's still not there. I'll start over tomorrow.


by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Sep 2016

Do you go through Windows Explorer. I mean the folder and not the blue "e"?.

graceandham by graceandham 28 Sep 2016

I browse with Microsoft Edge.

awesome1 by awesome1 29 Sep 2016

I have Win10 but I've never used the :EDGE". I installed Chrome immediately. Except for it not accepting an older software and difficulty w/mail , it has been okay. Mail was my biggest prob; am registered so many places (bank, ins, etc) that I didn't want tochange server.