by babash 26 Sep 2016

For anyone looking for bargain fabric.

Marshall Dry Goods in the USA has a lot of clearance at $1.99 and $2.99 a yard.
I first heard about them here on Cute and have bought from them about 4 times and only 1 piece I was a bit disappointed in but saying that it was how I imagined the fabric would look. The quality is fine.
For anyone in Australia it is worth doing a 28 yard order to bring down the cost of the freight. Good if you can share with a friend. Even at the ones not on clearance still end up cheaper than a lot of shops here.


by Smokey12 28 Sep 2016

I ordered last night and it has already shipped with a delivery date of Saturday. I think that is fantastic.

by sewntrouble 27 Sep 2016

How do you tell if a fabric is 100% cotton on this site? I need it for pillowcases for my local hospital. They ask for only 100% cotton to be used.

babash by babash 27 Sep 2016

If you go to the clearance $1.99 for example and click on the picture of Honeycombe White on Flamingo you will see the description says 100% cotton and below there is a floral one in the related products and it tells you it is Poly cotton.
Hope this helps.

sewntrouble by sewntrouble 27 Sep 2016

I figured it out. Thanks for letting us know about this sale and the website.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 edited 27 Sep 2016

Another site to get me into trouble. :-) Thank you.

by Smokey12 27 Sep 2016

I recognize a lot of the fabrics. Just ordered some of the clearance. Thanks for the info.

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by bevintex edited 26 Sep 2016

I just got 8 yards in the mail. Get on their mailing list and they will alert you as to when there is sale. If you are looking for a certain fabric call them and they will tell you if they have it. Most of the fabric is 100% cotton and they have a huge selection