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by bejoscha ( edited 26 Sep 2016 ) 26 Sep 2016

Hi Cutes!

We are giving our designs for free and someone sells our design on Etsy! Not the Lace (also not allowed) but the embroidery file. I really do not know what to thing about it....

Do you have similar experience? Please let me know how you are dealing with...



by pennifold 26 Sep 2016

My heart goes out to you Bejoscha. I don't understand people who deliberately go out of their way to do this sort of thing. I hope they are punished as it's illegal. I agree with everyone else on here pursue this as far as you can. I know I've seen designs on Etsy that I'm sure have been done by the original digitisers and they must not be aware of it. Love Chris

by irenewayne 26 Sep 2016

I hope you get this resolved as it's an awful thing to happen. You are so generous with your free designs & I for 1 am extremely grateful to you. The people who do this should be shut down & rightfully so. Good luck

by gerryb 26 Sep 2016

Please contact etsy & let them know! Show them they do belong to YOU! Then etsy should shut them down. Assuming the clip art was yours, not one you can purchase.

by gerryvb 26 Sep 2016

I can imagine this makes you very angry , sorry this happens to you and other designers...

by markus 26 Sep 2016

Sad, I am sorry Some one is taking advantage of your generosity.

by stork 26 Sep 2016

I think there are a couple other sites who are having the same problem.....It is illegal and they should be charged!!!

by dailylaundry 26 Sep 2016

I am so sorry that people are taking advantage of your generosity and talent. It is not fair and not right. You own those designs - they are yours!! I hope Etsy shuts them down!

by pennyhal2 26 Sep 2016

What a creep. Etsy should shut them down even if it is only one...which I doubt...offense.

by turtleowl 26 Sep 2016

Disney needs to see and they would be gone for sure.

by dragonflyer 26 Sep 2016

So sad to hear this...glad you got them to take your design down, but I would certainly report it to Etsy anyway...

by maggiecal 26 Sep 2016

Fill out the report infringements form on Etsy - if this seller does it a few times, they'll be shut down. Someone I know sells beaded jewelry and she once had an exact copy made by another beader - she was able to show it to Etsy and I think that shop was shut down (this was awhile back, I don't think they shut down shops without a few complaints now). But, if folks recognize other designs, this place could end up with a few complaints and be closed.

by jrob Moderator 26 Sep 2016

Unconscionable! That is why we are so careful to remove sites with illegally copyrighted designs. Unfortunately, it's sometimes impossible to determine, as many people purchase clipart and each one digitizes it individually, but to just take your design and resale it is unbelievable! You can get lawyers and sue. I'm happy that you had them remove the design at least. You can digitize your "mark" into the design as some sites have begun doing to discourage this in the future. Know that if I see one of your designs somewhere, I'll certainly contact you.

by graceandham 26 Sep 2016

I'm so sorry someone did this crummy thing to you. I believe many digitisers are starting to put their initials or emblem in the underlay so as it stitches out, the true digitizer is revealed. Could be useful in court!

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Sep 2016

I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I hope you will be able to make the seller accountable beyond just removing the offer.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Sep 2016

I think Dennis has an excellent suggestion. I agree you should contact Etsy and work with them to get some recompense and to try to shut down this individual. I also wonder if you can take legal action against Etsy. I suppose there are lawyers who specialize in Copyright laws. You might have to contact one. My heart goes out to you. We who buy designs have a responsibility to be sure the designs we buy are legitimate and to report when we see any that we know are digitized by someone else.

by dennis999 26 Sep 2016

It is an absolute disgrace that this sort of illegal activity goes on. Not only is the illegal seller making money from another persons professional expertise (i.e. the designer and digitiser) but they are deluding the purchaser into believing that they have made a legitimate purchase. This sort of practice unfortunately goes on wholesale across similar e-commerce websites.
Whilst I have no experience of this personally, I would suggest that you formally write to Etsy and not only report this person but suggest that Etsy pursues the illegal seller for a reasonable share of the profits that they have made. It would not be difficult for Etsy to determine how many of the product has been sold and to recompense you accordingly. Should the illegal seller not comply then Etsy should at the very least exclude this seller from using the website ever again.

by sewist1 26 Sep 2016

If you go to the website:

your serviette ring comes up as bestseller. I think there are other digitizers designs on there as well.

bejoscha by bejoscha 26 Sep 2016

Thank you, we try to get it remove here as well

sewist1 by sewist1 26 Sep 2016

Hope you have success. Thank you for the designs you give us for free. They are very well digitized.

by marianb 26 Sep 2016

It is a criminal when people put designs up for sale that are not their own. If they want to sell they should learn how to digitize..

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Sep 2016

Hi, someone posted a similar question here, if I remember they contacted the illegal seller saying they had created the design. I'm working on my phone so writing is difficult. The result in the other case was the illegal seller removed the design. Knowing Cute someone will recall the posting I'm talking about and give greater details to help. Hope you can resolve this very soon

bejoscha by bejoscha edited 26 Sep 2016

Yes we just did this. The illegal seller removed the design. But can we do more?

asterixsew by asterixsew 26 Sep 2016

I seem to remember that someone offered Mops a design once and it was one she had digitised herself. I also seem to think that she adds some stitching to her designs that she uses as identification. I'm not a digitiser so cannot help here.

mops by mops 26 Sep 2016

I have my initials in the underlay, but that can't be done in FSL.

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