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by awesome1 ( edited 24 Sep 2016 ) 24 Sep 2016

EDITEDI bought a PE-180D from an estate, dived inside for thorough cleaning. Surprised to find all inside parts are pristine; not a hint of lint or thread--as if brand new, never used. Only found a bent thread guide, which I fixed. Question for any owners of this model--is it supposed to have a thread cutter? Nothing in the cavity but bobbin case & bobbin. The manual mentions nothing about cutting threads, AT ALL! Nor does the parts/service manual list a thread cutter (that I can recognize). My PE-200 cuts between threads, and also has a button for manual cutting. This is so puzzling--I could add, but does the board have a command to activate when machine stops? It sews like new, so do I just clip the thread each change? Not a big deal, just wondering what info other owners can add. TX for reading this. Showing codes sticker on back of 180D, compare 200-Snoopy.


by mops Moderator 24 Sep 2016

I have a 190D, like your 180D made in Taiwan. No thread cutter on mine, just have to cut it with the scissors that came with the machine. So I am not surprised the 180D has none either. But it is a nice workhorse and embroiders well.

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Sep 2016

Oh thank you mops! I suspected as much, but wasnt sure since all the screw holes are there, and w/o knowing , it would have been a loss if I had bought the cutter. I guess Bro added that with the PE200, cause I even have a cutter button on the display in addition to auto. I reaally appreciate your info.. I actually bought the 180 for parts (to replace the LCD screen that I posted here showing the dark half) But this 180D is so pristine and sews so nicely, maybe I will store Snoopy for now.

by carolvm 24 Sep 2016

Hi there. I think you will be able to buy Disney designs from using the machine's serial number since it's a Brother Disney machine. Only Brother machine owners can buy these designs. Be sure to get the owners manual download from have a great time with your new toy, Carol

awesome1 by awesome1 24 Sep 2016

This machine has Disney designs & I have 2 ULT machines that are Disney..but I have no need as I have no little ones. I am now a 5 emb machine owner! I have a real addiction to all sewing related items LOL

carolvm by carolvm 24 Sep 2016

I became a Bernina Gal when I was 19 with 3 embroidery machines, a serger and 3 sewing machines. Isn't it fun ? I never lack for anything to do in retirement. It's great !

by rachap 24 Sep 2016

Surely a great buy! If you have a Brother already why not just call the dealer and ask about the thread cutter on this model--I"d be up front with them and say how excited you were to find such a great machine,etc. and they will probably tell you.

by dragonflyer 24 Sep 2016

Hmmm, here is a page from the manual...last item on troubleshoot is about thread cutter not cutting correctly...maybe it will help...

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Sep 2016

Yes, that is only place thread cutter is mentioned. No button for manual cutting, no mention in 'on screen' instructions...and there is no cutter under the needle plate. If only I knew the cutting would be auto, I would add the cutter. THX for looking it up--that is the manual I have--also have the parts/service manual. Can't find any part other than replacement blade.

by toogie 24 Sep 2016

I don't know this model, but to me, it seems if it had a thread cutter, you would have a button, with the scissors symbol.That was an earlier model and maybe before cutters, you think?