by fabricfairy 23 Sep 2016

Help Needed ;

I can remember seeing a little fox face design in Applique somewhere on the net but now that I need it I cant find it again , and I just know one of you wonderful sewing folks will know where to go , I can remember it was just the face . I hate senior moments they are getting closer together , the older I get . Cathy


by gerryvb 23 Sep 2016

perhaps here

by awesome1 23 Sep 2016

Planet Applique has a fox face, and had a full fox applique for free..maybe still is.

lilylady by lilylady 23 Sep 2016

Embroidery has one in wild and woodsy, it is a book marker.

lilylady by lilylady 23 Sep 2016

That should be embroidery library.