by annafaye 20 Sep 2016

Could someone help me with the instructions for Cuties Design # 9339429-109872 it is a mug rug. I failed to download the instrutions. Sorry I do not have a picture to share. Thanks in advance. Hugs


by mops Moderator 21 Sep 2016

In almost all cases you hoop the stabiliser, the first colour is a placement line after which you add your backing and fabric on top. Designs and appliques are added in the usual way.
There are several ways in which the mugrug might be finished.
1. The outline is a satin stitch - in which case you add the back fabric at the back. Stitch the attachment line, cut away fabric, top and back, to this line and then stitch the satin stitch. Make sure you don't rip the stabiliser.
2. The back is added on top - face down - the outline stitched, which leaves a small opening for turning. Clip corners, turn, use a ladder stitch to close by hand.
3. If the outline has not got that gap, you are supposed to add to folded pieces of fabric on top, folded sides overlapping in the middle, so you create a small 'cushion cover' and turn the thing through that opening.

I usually digitise using method 1 or 2, but I haven seen #3 used on some sites as 'absolutely no handwork'.

annafaye by annafaye 21 Sep 2016

Thank You so much for your help! Hugs!

mops by mops 21 Sep 2016

The design might also be just stitched , back added before the last colour and you would have to cut it out with just outside the final outline - I remember seeing that in DBC but if I downloaded the one you mentioned I never saved by number, just by name.
Have a look in your embroidery machine (or if you own it your software) to see what the steps are in this particular design.

by joansatx 21 Sep 2016

I have saved this design in my quilting folder rather than mug rug folder and no instructions.

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annafaye by annafaye 21 Sep 2016

Thank You Hugs!

by vickiannette 20 Sep 2016

My advice would be to go to a recommended site, such as Oma's Place. You will see some free ones [hopefully], but fairly inexpensive rug-mugs with very explicit pictures and directions. I purchased the Coffee set and they are very professional. I used a stiff 'leave-in' stabilizer, this gives a nice firm finish and is washable.

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annafaye by annafaye 21 Sep 2016

Thank You for your help. Hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Sep 2016

This design is no longer available and no instructions were given with it.