by gramsbear 18 Sep 2016

Hi All Cuties!!! This is not the appropriate place to put this, but I could not find a place for "Computer Problems" and I really hope someone can help me. I recently received the Download of Windows 10. I did not ask for it, it was just put there. I have a 32 bit / 64 bit computer, I have been running it in 64 bit since I got it,and all my programs work great. Til today. When I opened it this afternoon, it was doing a scan, so I waited until it was done. After scan, I cannot download any of my designs, it says it can not D/L onto 32 bit. How can I change it back to 64 bit, so I can D/L the things I need to??? I used to have a place under the Power button that asked if I wanted to run 32 or 64 bit. That is not there now. Please help me if you can, I am not Windows 10 friendly. I do not know what to do... Hugs & Blessings & Thanx in advance, Judy...


by nanabea2 22 Sep 2016

1st things 1st. Make a image copy. Just in case. This link should help you how to just that.

If You want it back the way it was. Read this carefully
Go to:

This tells you how to do it exactly and it's fairly easy to understand.

Hopefully you figure it out. Good luck

by rescuer Moderator 21 Sep 2016

So, I am not sure I understand what happened....

Do you mean you were downloading fine on your last Windows system before Windows 10 or did this just happen with your last "security update" as the answer will be different.
I think (but I could be wrong) that you are taking about switching between IE 32 bit vs IE 64 bit browsers. You may now have the Windows 10 browser.
My best advice in this case is switch to Chrome or Firefox to download. They are tried and tested browsers. Plus, they are easy to install and you don't have to get rid of what you have now. There are instructions about how to change IE browser settings...but you might be working with Edge browser as it takes over for the default when Windows 10 installs.

If I am wrong and you were switching between actual Operating will have to tell me how it was done. The link is some instructions on how to change from one 32 bit to 6 4 bit Operating systems.

gramsbear by gramsbear 22 Sep 2016

Thanx resucer, I appreciate the input. I got a computer Tech to come in and he had to reinstall the 4-D Emb program, after deleting what I had. I do not know what else he did, but it is running now, that is what I wanted. Thanx to all for the help, I tried most of what was here to help me before I gave up & called him!!! I am computer challenged in many ways!!! hahaha!!! Hugs & Blessings, Judy...

rescuer by rescuer 22 Sep 2016

I'm very glad you got it sorted! Computers can be so difficult even for techs.

by katydid 20 Sep 2016

I know this is not what you want to hear , but just go on with the new windows or you will be left behind at some point. I am also challenged, Kay

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gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Sep 2016


by flitter 20 Sep 2016

Have you tried to restore your computer to an earlier date when you didn't have Windows 10?

Here's the link to a site that should help you.

This link explains the GWX program too. Hope this is alright to post and that it helps you.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Sep 2016

Thanx, tried, but it says NONE.

by fontmomma 20 Sep 2016

go to " how to (what ever you need) in your address bar at the top of your page. I got a laptop with Windows 10 on it. That's really different than a desktop. With do-it-yourself -no one to help, that's where I go for information. They have qualified instructors showing you how to do things

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gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Sep 2016

Thanx will try that one. Hugs...

by alicegaylor 19 Sep 2016

See if you can reverse the installation of 10. Just run it back to he day before you installed it.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Sep 2016

Tried, nothing there...

by gramsbear 19 Sep 2016

Thanx sew very much for all the input!!! Will start trying different things!!! I appreciate all the help! Love you guys! Judy...

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by pacmp edited 19 Sep 2016

If you are wanting to get the windows 10 off your computer or to stop the messages and them trying to download and change your computer configuration then this is how I did it, as I did not want windows 10. The question on how to do anything for the 32/64 bit I have not a clue but I am grateful that I could set this other program to watch for any file that was windows 10 trying to get sneaked onto my computer. I was recommended a program on one of my yahoo group sites and downloaded the program. On my computer it's download program is called STOP windows 10-GWX_control_panel. If you high lite and copy paste this into your search box a long list of sites using the program comes up and I am not sure which one in particular I had used, but would start with watching the you tube one to see how they suggest using the program. I ran the system and it pulled off all windows 10 files and have not had any reminders or attempts to download on my computer since that point. It has been several months so can not even begin to remember how they had suggested to set the parameters for the questions the program asked. Hopefully your system will be back to itself soon and hopefully this will help your system as well as it did mine. Good luck, Pam

by jillian 19 Sep 2016

Thank you for posting this problem here. I was lucky that I shut my computer down when the UNWANTED Windows 10 was being downloaded. They are not giving up and I often find the message that an error was found when they attempted to sneak this program in. I will take note of all the comments - Many Thanks

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Sep 2016

I am not sure about this but here it goes.

Right click on the white window in the left hand corner.
Click on Control Panel
Click on Administrative Tools
there is a shortcut to
ODBC Data Sources (64 bit)

That may work

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 18 Sep 2016

P.S. Your question probably would be better in Chat or Personal. I would never have come to the Freebie section if I was not a moderator.

by dragonflyer 18 Sep 2016

Hi Judy...not sure if this will help, but it is worth a shot...Hopefully, Rescuer will come to your rescue...

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Sep 2016

I have no idea either but googled it as a question. I give you the link that may help.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Sep 2016

Great minds...

crafter2243 by crafter2243 18 Sep 2016

Ha, ha