by anitas1403 16 Sep 2016

This is for my nephew's wedding They have a black lab. I know this is nothing like their lab but tho't it fun.

Then for some fall fun I did the His & Hers Scarecrows. Both these designs come from Emblibrary and stitch out beautifully. (by the way Emblibrary has another dog one & also cats)


by katydid 17 Sep 2016

Love them

by noah 17 Sep 2016

great job hugs

by lbrow 17 Sep 2016


by sonjapotgieter 17 Sep 2016

So Stunning..Great work

by greysewist Moderator 17 Sep 2016

I do happen to have a dog that does look like the one in that first design -perhaps I could train him to cook, LOL. I have also used that design and love it, as will your nephew :) The His n Hers scarecrows also look great -nice work!

by Abbygail 16 Sep 2016

Very nice !

by pennifold 16 Sep 2016

Another gorgeous set, well done. The will be well used. Love Chris

by pennyhal2 16 Sep 2016

Gosh, does their lab cook too? Dog people don't care if it's the exact replica of their dog. It's the feeling one gets when looking at the design. Those are cute little scarecrows too. Good work!

by pldc 16 Sep 2016

they are really cute, nice job~hugs~