by pamelahess 15 Sep 2016

I saw some of these embroidered a while back, waited breathlessly for Dollar Tree to get them in and bought 15, sewed 14 LOL. The font is "Adorn" from Stitchtopia. Thanks for looking


by katydid 22 Sep 2016

Great job!!

by bescal 22 Sep 2016

The Monogram is lovely and the flowers add such a nice touch. Now I wish I would have bought more.

by missqueenbee47 22 Sep 2016

beautiful -

by grandmeaux1 22 Sep 2016

Did you use a stabilizer with your design?

pamelahess by pamelahess 22 Sep 2016

yes, I used a very light weight tearaway. The felt that the pumpkin is made of is very stable, so there's no need for anything more. The pumpkin is so thick and unwieldy that you can't hoop it, so I floated it and put a basting stitch around it to keep it in place.

grandmeaux1 by grandmeaux1 25 Sep 2016

Thank you for the information. Going to see if I can find these at our Dollar Stores. These are so cute.

by grandmeaux1 22 Sep 2016

Love these. Would never have thought to use these like this. This is why I love to look at this site. Thanks

by grossfamilie 17 Sep 2016

Beautiful and a wonderful idea carried out by you! Thanks for sharing - Maria

by noah 17 Sep 2016

Excellent work hugs

by lbrow 17 Sep 2016

Wonderful for Fall/Lillian

by decojo 16 Sep 2016


by pennifold 16 Sep 2016

They look very effective. I LOVE the font! Love Chris

by justsew 16 Sep 2016

These are very unusal, love the ribbon on them .
Hugs Pam

by gerryb 16 Sep 2016

They look great! And I am so glad you showed me a way to hang them! Had a terrible time trying to hand them thru one of the cut outs! Ended up laying it on a table. Love what you did!

by katydid 15 Sep 2016

I remember last year we had a run to Dollar Tree and i missed out. I must go tomorrow!! Great job! KAY

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Sep 2016

Beautiful font and adornment on your pumpkin.

by pldc 15 Sep 2016

very pretty & I just put mine out today too lol ~hugs~

by laffma1 15 Sep 2016

Oh, these are lovely! I like the added flowers too. The monogram design is beautiful.

by Smokey12 15 Sep 2016

Love them. Great font with pretty colors. I forgot I had a set in the closet.

by cj2sew 15 Sep 2016

Oh my what a great deal an idea. I think I need to go check out my local Dollar Tree too. I love that alphabet too. You're one smart and talented lady.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 15 Sep 2016

Thank you. Just a word...I had to go to 5 dollar tree stores to get these. And then I couldn't get them all at one place. Make sure you get the ones without faces. They have plenty of the "jack-o-lantern" types. These hang in a separate location from those with faces. Also, I think I'm going to put a dowel or something on the back to keep it from buckling (as shown in the bottom photo). I don't know, Ill just have to experiment with that.