by patchwork4424 14 Sep 2016

I made a pattern for a neck-roll/heat-bag for my daughter's friends, birthday who just happens to LOVE spiders!!! The spider and rose are on the cover so it can be taken off the heat-bag and washed.


by patchwork4424 edited 15 Sep 2016

by maggiecal 15 Sep 2016

Love - you've inspired me to make one soon.

by toogie edited 15 Sep 2016

I love this project and the designs you've chosen to use. The thread colors are so nice against the neutral fabric. I think this is a good idea for another neck pillow. You said you made your pattern. Is it a collar you just adapted? You have given me another idea, for a 'trip gift' project. This might not require as much stuffing, as the ones I posted in Community/Sewing. Thank you for showing us and don't you just love how we all share and inspire!-Toogie

ps. the emb library link didn't work for me.

maggiecal by maggiecal 15 Sep 2016

Hey Toogie (hoping you see this here) when I saw Patchwork's post, it reminded me that I'd promised myself to make one after a flight this year where I so saw many people simply wearing them around their necks in the airport (so they don't take valuable carry-on space). I bookmarked this easy YouTube video plus pattern .

patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 edited 15 Sep 2016

I just made the pattern up but using a collar pattern would be good. Just make it plenty large enough.
I put the link to the Spider Web in comment above. Christine

toogie by toogie edited 15 Sep 2016

I may give it a try and also look at the utube maggiecal put up. Thank you- Toogie

by mechille 15 Sep 2016

looks good except for those awful spiders.....I hate
The designs is wonderful. Great job and nice idea......I might have to make me one of these.....did you put rice in yours? Thanks for the great idea....Keep up the good work...:)

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patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 15 Sep 2016

Yes I used rice and was going to put a bit of lavendar but sometimes that can be overpowering so I didn't. Christine

by cfidl 14 Sep 2016

Excellent piece and perfect placement. Beautiful!

by pennifold 14 Sep 2016

What a beautiful job you have done Chris, I love the final outcome. Love Chris

by pldc 14 Sep 2016

yikes, it is a gift she will love & a really good idea too ~hugs~

by pennyhal2 14 Sep 2016

That's a very creative use of those designs. Not many people like spiders, so it was great of you to make something she could not buy! Thanks for the photo that show how you made it. They are helpful in understanding how you made this project.

by queenofhearts 14 Sep 2016

Well that is the only way I could stand to have a spider on my neck. Cute gift.

by maggiecal 14 Sep 2016

Neck rolls are so useful - she'll love it.

by baydreamer 14 Sep 2016

Well thought out! Great job

by a1lotte 14 Sep 2016

gut gemacht supper

by lbrow 14 Sep 2016

Nice Work! You have done an excellent job with this/Lillian

by glob69 14 Sep 2016

Very pretty! I can't image why she loves spiders but the design you came up with is amazing. Hugs

by laffma1 14 Sep 2016

Well done. The design is quite elegant, even though spiders are not one of my favorite things. What did you fill the bag with to make it heat up (rice, or another grain, or something else entirely)?

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patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 14 Sep 2016

I put rice in. It always seems suitable. Christine

by bejoscha 14 Sep 2016

Beautiful, well done

by sonjapotgieter 14 Sep 2016

Wow...Stunning!!!Great work done

by spendlove Moderator 14 Sep 2016

I love it!