by undecided 13 Sep 2016

hi all,

been a while since i have done embroidery...
still have not purchased decent software, it is sooo expensive and i don't want to regret my choice. I am definitely leaning towards embird.

I want to be able to use vector files i have already created, to make embroidery. I don't want to autodigitize, but i don't want to have to retrace all of the vector lines. Embird, says that it will do this....but that i need the basic, studio, and font engine to do it. Fine, if it works....BUT I cannot know this until i have sunk 600$ as this is not part of the demo feature....

has anyone done this?


by mooie24 02 Feb 2017

I am a big embird fan, I use lots of forms of clipart as well as vector, but I don't auto digitize I only use vector as another form of vector offers good designs for as example line art drawings to embroidery, so I'm not sure I understand you when you say you don't want to auto digitize but you don't want to trace the lines either, surely its either auto or manual ? regardless of the software used ? just to praise embird further, if you buy it from secrets, you gain points, I purchased it in parts to gain the points and free designs offered, ended up with enough points to purchase iconizer free, so worth considering :-) big hugs from London xx

by murjoke 02 Feb 2017

Did you buy it? And if so, is it good, does the program do what you want to do?
Marjo, the Netherlands

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asterixsew by asterixsew 02 Feb 2017

Hi Marjo and welcome to Cute. The original question was asked quite a while ago. Many people ask questions but don't let us know if they have seen our comments or if the replies have been useful.. The person below Spendlove has Embird and has produced excellent work using it. Any digitising softwear takes time and effort to get the best from it.

by spendlove Moderator 13 Sep 2016

You should be able to do it in the trial version, but you won't be able to save what you do.
"Import vector files" is one of the design options in Studio but I haven't used it.

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undecided by undecided 13 Sep 2016

ok. went through and found the 'import vector file' in studio. but when i click it, it says i need a registered copy to import