by blueeyedblonde 12 Sep 2016

Help! I got this fluffly hair or whatever it is in a box of craft stuff at a garage sale.

Can anyone tell me what it is or used for?


by Barbaric 18 Sep 2016

If it is sheep's wool, it is great to put into pin cushions, it helps to stop pins going rusty. The other thing I use it for is an over size french knitting gadget, I knit with wool and stuff this down the centre and make rugs with it. If I can find the gadget I will post a picture.

by spcekittrn 16 Sep 2016

All good ideas for this stuff and when you run out of ideas just sew a toy and stuff it. Looks like lots of fun to me.

by stock 16 Sep 2016

I use this for hair on the fancy fabric dolls that were popular a few years ago, you lay it on the head and use a needle that is barbed to push into the scull, not for playing with just decoration...wendy

by graceandham 16 Sep 2016

You just bought it for the challenge, didn't you?

by Patricia109 15 Sep 2016

Looks like felting material to me. I do not do felting with a multi needle and a brush, but is what it looks like to me. Or to use with a felting machine. It is a sewing machine with a barbed needle and no bobbin. You lay some of this stuff on top of your fabric or another fabric on top of the base fabric then 'stitch' away and the fibres are pushed to the other side to make a nice pattern.

by pacmp 12 Sep 2016

You can also use these fibers on top of your embroidery projects by laying some fibers down adding a netting or using a heat away stabilizer over them and stitching them down. I have also used the natural cream roving to create angels but could be used in many kinds of crafts, Whatever you can't find a use for, would make good stuffing for pincushions. Enjoy finding ways to use them. Pam

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blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 12 Sep 2016

Thank you.

by mops Moderator 12 Sep 2016

It looks like roving that's ready to be spun or is used for felting, either by hand or by machine.

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blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 12 Sep 2016