by lolly3 11 Sep 2016

Hi Cuties, Here is my 4 Pocket Tote that I am Teaching in my Mystery Classes this month.

The Small Front Pocket is a 7" Circle, folded over to form the Top of the Pocket.
It has two 11" Outer Pockets that are then stitched together to form the Inner Centre Pocket.

Regards Lorraine
South Australia


by arisann 17 Sep 2016

Very nice... TKS!

by spendlove Moderator 12 Sep 2016

Lorraine has posted instructions for making this lovely bag in the post linked below.

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lolly3 by lolly3 13 Sep 2016

Thankyou spendlove.
Regards Lorraine

by pldc 12 Sep 2016

this is terrific

by jrob Moderator 11 Sep 2016

That's adorable. I want to see a monogram on that pocket. :)

by rachap 11 Sep 2016

Such a professional looking bag and not too big but not too small. Would like to be in your class!

by zoefzoef 11 Sep 2016

Super !! Lovely Bag !

by lilylady 11 Sep 2016

This purse is very cute, love fabric also!

by toogie 11 Sep 2016

This is so pretty. I understand the front pocket but not sure about the 11 inch circle. If the 11" is the bag itself, I am confused......can you explain further?

by dragonflyer 11 Sep 2016

Very nice...and I do love the fabric too!

by pennifold 11 Sep 2016

Well done Lorraine and I know your sewing group will love doing this as it is so simple in its construction. Another wonderful project from you, love Chris

by judyoake 11 Sep 2016

What a cute bag!! Love it!

by dfischer 11 Sep 2016

Super Cute!

by spendlove Moderator 11 Sep 2016

Lovely bag! The pocket is a clever idea.

by Smokey12 11 Sep 2016

Very creative thinking. Just from what you have written and the picture, I can figure this out. You have a really cute bag and I think your mystery class will love it.

by marianb 11 Sep 2016

Sound really great.. Are you going to teach us too. lol Love the fabric you used. Marian/Sydney