by sdrise 09 Sep 2016

9/8/16 Hello everyone I want to give you all a huge Thank you for all your prayers for my sick kittens. All 9 have their temps hovering around normal as of today... It goes up at night a little bit but they are all on the mend. They are all still on antibiotics for 4 more days. I am so relieved we did not lose any one. Soon they will be able to go to their adoptive homes.

The little kitten that came in with 4 Splayed legs has been splinted and we are doing Physical Therapy with him to see if we can strengthen his muscles and get him walking. I worry about him also. We called him Scooter. We are bottle feeding him mama Keep him in your prayers that we can get him to walk.
Now to get some rest for Hubby and myself. We have been going round the clock with these kittens for a week.
Thanks so much! Suzanne


by gerryvb 10 Sep 2016

thank you for the update, good news they are improving, they are very lucky to have you and your HB to take care of them. many hugs and compliments to you, you do such a wonderful job !!

by maggiecal 10 Sep 2016

I am so happy to hear this. They will have wonderful playful lives solely because of you and your hubby. Great job!!!!!!

by zoefzoef 10 Sep 2016

I'm so happy to read this good news. Thanks to God that He putted people on earth to take care of those little friends I hope they all keep on doing better. Hugs to all of them, and for sure one to you and your hubby

by 02kar Moderator 10 Sep 2016

You know how happy I am that these babies are on the mend. They have had such a rough start with having to be bottle fed and now this. But thanks your dedication and lots of prayers they are looking forward to going to their forever homes soon. And some new mama are looking forward to taking them home next week.

by momac 10 Sep 2016

God Bless you and your hubby for looking after these precious little kittens and my prayers go out to a full recovery for Scooter. Hus from Maureen

by pennifold 10 Sep 2016

I think this is just a brilliant outcome. So glad you are there for these fur babies. Love Chris

by airyfairy 10 Sep 2016

Such great news. You have been wonderful taking care of these babies.

by basketkase 10 Sep 2016

Suzanne.........Hallelujah!!!!! Answered prayers once again....I am in such awe over your dedication to these sweet little animals...thank you for all you do for them!!!

by lbrow 10 Sep 2016

Wonderful news Suzanne/Lillian

by irenewayne 10 Sep 2016

These little kitties are so lucky to have you. Thank you for caring for them

by jrob Moderator 09 Sep 2016

Bless your sweet, sweet hearts!