by Barbaric 09 Sep 2016

I inserted some lace to bring life to this t shirt.


by bescal 12 Sep 2016

I love it. Do you recall where you got the design?

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Barbaric by Barbaric 12 Sep 2016

check out John Deer, I can't remember, I lost most of my designs.

by cutepaws 10 Sep 2016

Looks great, you have inserted it very well just looks like a bought one from the shops. I have that same lace design and am looking forward to giving it a go on something.

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 12 Sep 2016

Barb was so kind to give a very detailed description how she did it so perfect. Just scroll down to "grossfamilie" and you will find - Maria

by pennyhal2 10 Sep 2016

Amazing how a little touch of embroidery spices up a plain shirt. Nicely done!

by sonjapotgieter 10 Sep 2016

That is Stunning!!!Well done...

by laffma1 10 Sep 2016


by grossfamilie 10 Sep 2016

Perfect - it is not easy to put in the lace into a stretchy fabric! Really wonder how you managed to get it so perfect! Thanks for sharing

Barbaric by Barbaric 10 Sep 2016

1: I placed two pieces of washaway in the hoop (you can add chiffon or soft netting at this stage to support your stitches) and marked my cross hairs on the washaway. 2: Then I folded my t shirt down the centre front and marked it and matched my side seams. 3: I placed 2 sided tape around the outside of my inner hoop and on the four sides of my washaway. 4: I placed the centre front of the t shirt to the centre of the cross hairs. Then you carefully layout the shirt over the tape, be careful not to over stretch the t shirt. 5: Then stitch the outline of the design, then you cut away the T shirt material on the inside of the stitch line, after this complete stitching your design. 6: DO NOT CUT your chiffon or netting away until you have finished your stitching. Maria if you need more information let me know luv Barb

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 12 Sep 2016

Thank you so much for your detailed instructions. I will try this very soon. I think you really use a great method to avoid "crumbling" and things with the stretchy material. Recently I was sewing a jersey-shirt first and then did a lace separately and finally sewed it into the shirt but was not too satisfied with the result. Therefore, I am really grateful for your detailed description. Thanks again very much - Maria

by jenne 10 Sep 2016

I like it.

by pennifold 10 Sep 2016

Great job, love Chris

by sandralane 09 Sep 2016

The addition of lace is perfect, looks great. Sandra.

by pldc 09 Sep 2016

a gr8 way to dress it up, it looks terrific

by shirley124 09 Sep 2016

Well done. Hugs

by dragonflyer 09 Sep 2016

Very nice....

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Sep 2016

You succeeded in bringing life to the t shirt. It is looking good. Great work.

by baydreamer 09 Sep 2016

Looks fabulous!

by babash 09 Sep 2016

Absolutely perfect looks like it was meant to be there. Great Job.

by noah 09 Sep 2016

Oh i love it and the placement looks perfect hugs