by graceandham 08 Sep 2016

Color. Took my son clothes shopping today and found myself looking at this year's colors and color combinations. Fascinating to ponder and realize some new combos I hadn't tried. Also, yesterday was sewing a red, white and blue design (not a flag or anything) and changed it up to slightly pinkish red (Robison Anton Devil Red), ivory, and a faded navy called Ash. Just that little change gave it some extra punch. There's always the next thing to learn about color. Also did you know if a really bright color, like that obnoxious green we were wearing last few years, comes into fashion, it usually fades the second year and is gone or nearly gone the third. But, that obnoxious green stayed almost five years. And now, there are these gorgeous, underworn obnox. green linen blouses and slacks and silk jackets, etc. at the Salvation Army. Women are fickle.


by pldc 09 Sep 2016

I just get what I like & then someone usually tells me that colour doesn't suit me lol I like the chartreuse green so I hope that is NOT the ugly green you mean lol

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graceandham by graceandham 10 Sep 2016

Afraid so. You'd have to see how bad it looks on me. I can only use small bits of it to brighten a green leaf's shading!

by 02kar Moderator 09 Sep 2016

I always find it interesting how the fashion designers use color and change it up to keep things interesting. And you won't see me wearing the obnoxious green clothing. With my olive skin, it will make me look awful!

by jrob Moderator 08 Sep 2016

Haha. I purchase according to what looks best with my hair color these days. I have (ok, used to have) naturally very, very dark brown hair. There is so much gray now, that I put a dark blonde on it and it gives me highlights. I used to buy lots of reds and bright colors, but these days, it is muted.
I'm attaching the pantone color card for this past (for us in the northern hemisphere) spring.

katydid by katydid 08 Sep 2016

I was always a " winter "but my hair is gray now and I can soften my colors also. I still love purple! Kay

jrob by jrob 08 Sep 2016

Me, too, Kay.