by fontmomma 05 Sep 2016

I found a new way to protect your sharp things (rotary cutters and fingers). Use old eyeglass cases. You can buy them cheap at thrift shops or easily make your own.


by Patricia103 10 Sep 2016

I use all those hints!!
Have folded oven mitt scissor holder from the goodies bag at a convention. Soft foam vinyl cases for my medium sized scissors and small hinged glasses case for my embroidery scissors - kept pricking myself with them so they had to go into a hard case.
Bought a new rotary cutter and it self covers and has a locking pin.
Safety first for yourself and your other tools.

by brendalea 08 Sep 2016

Great tips ladies. Thank you for sharing. :~)

by cooperal 08 Sep 2016

I use cubes of Styrofoam that comes as protective packing and push the points of my scissors into them; especially the very small ones with delicate points. Yes, I use old eyeglass cases for my rotary cutters. You can make one by using a potholder from a dollar store and folding it in half; then stitch across the bottom and up one side. These give you a loop to hang the item by if you can't use drawer space!! Avis

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graceandham by graceandham 08 Sep 2016

Speaking of Styrofoam - when you paint a room, put a handful of picture-weight nails into the Styrofoam and paint the tips. Use these to hang pictures. If you change your mind later, they are very unobtrusive. I usually paint a picture frame or mat as well.

by graceandham 07 Sep 2016

I kept the hard plastic part that protected my rotary cutter in the package. It is upside down in a drawer in the plastic. Thanks. I will hunt up a hinged eyeglass case that the cutter and the plastic fit into!

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Sep 2016

Sounds like a wonderful idea.

by lbrow 07 Sep 2016

Good idea/Lillian

by mops Moderator 05 Sep 2016

Or you could sew a nice ITH case and embroider the name of the object on it.

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lbrow by lbrow 07 Sep 2016

Right on Martine