by mrskiki 04 Sep 2016

Some things I have been working on. Towel set for daughter for Christmas, top zipper bag for me, pincushion/thread catcher for me also and Blue line badge key fobs for law enforcement neighbors. A good weekend work.


by cfidl 07 Sep 2016

Fantastic! I like the pin cushion thingy. Look forward to see what you do net weekend!

by michemb 07 Sep 2016

good job, busy for sure

by peafarm 07 Sep 2016

You definitely had a good day I'd say. All these are wonderful.

by grossfamilie 06 Sep 2016

Very beautiful - wonder how you can keep the secret until Christmas. Your daughter will be very happy - Thanks for sharing - Maria

by lbrow 06 Sep 2016

Definitely a good weekend of work. Terrific job on all/Lillian

by pldc 05 Sep 2016

all are nicely done ~hugs~

by zoefzoef 05 Sep 2016

yes you have been quite busy !! but nice results !

by pennyhal2 05 Sep 2016

Gotta love those longhorns! Nice set of projects. Don't think I've seen key rings like those before. Love 'em.

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mrskiki by mrskiki 06 Sep 2016

It does not show but there is a vertical blue line.

by teun 05 Sep 2016

Sieht alles sehr gut aus👍👍👍

by baydreamer 05 Sep 2016

They all look fantastic!

by dragonflyer 05 Sep 2016

Great job on all of these, have been busy!

by sonjapotgieter 05 Sep 2016

Stunning articles you have done!!!Beautiful

by crazypatchmama 05 Sep 2016

nice job, am sure your daughter will be happy with her Christmas gift and your neighbors as well.

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 06 Sep 2016

..It will be most difficult to hide this lovely present until Christmas. I couldn't keep my mouth shut so long being so happy with the results of the work. Really they are very nice - all the things Nan has made.

by Smokey12 05 Sep 2016

You have been busy. Great projects. I am partial to the key fob.

by pennifold 05 Sep 2016

All beautifully sewn out, well done. Love Chris

by carolpountney 05 Sep 2016

All very nice

by toogie 05 Sep 2016

Very nice work on all your projects. I like them all!!! Are the keyfobs out of vinyl or something else?

mrskiki by mrskiki 05 Sep 2016

I used black vinyl from Walmart. Nan W

toogie by toogie 05 Sep 2016

Thank you

by Barbaric 04 Sep 2016

OH boy! you have been busy.

by queenofhearts 04 Sep 2016

I especially like your police key fobs. I have a grandson in law enforcement and my son-in-law is a retired police officer.I have another design that I have made for them but I like this one better. Where did you get it please?

mrskiki by mrskiki 05 Sep 2016

Nana's Handmade Baby has quite a few different ones for all the services. And they stitch out wonderfully.;post_type=product
Nan W

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 08 Sep 2016

Thank you for the link. She had added a lot since I last visited her site.

by babash 04 Sep 2016

Well done on all your Weekend projects. I could do with a thread catcher at the moment I use the floor.

by noah 04 Sep 2016

Lovely work Good for you hugs

by katydid 04 Sep 2016

Nice work! Busy girl!

by laffma1 04 Sep 2016

Wow, you've been really busy! All are terrific projects. Love the zip bag, and the badge key fobs! Well done.