by Mguenther262 02 Sep 2016

Is it just me?

I am sooo disappointed about this ith design.
Never before have i seen such a mess on my embroidery hoop.
It is definitively the first and last design that i purchased from this designer.... 😢


by deegee 24 Sep 2016

Can imagine this must be very disappointing for you. And, it being such a simple design, digitized correctly, could have been really lovely.
Hope you can sort it out with the digitizer or where you bought it - surely they would be keen to correct this problem.

by parkermom 23 Sep 2016

When I first bought my embroidery machine, I was given to understand that it was essential for me to also purchase digitizing software. I am so in awe of the good digitizers out there, because to me it is way too difficult.

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Sep 2016

I just hope that you didn't pay much for the design

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by dragonflyer edited 02 Sep 2016

Unfortunately, some people think that just because they own digitizing software that makes them a digitizer...such has been the case with some of the designs over the past year at Sick. Fortunately, Sick appears to be trying to correct this and has said he has weeded out the digitizers who auto-digitize...that said, it does not mean that all "digitizers" know how to properly path a design to eliminate unnecessary jumps. If this design stitches out a couple of "stars" and then jumps to another spot, it is very possible that the digitizer just copied and pasted the single digitized object with no regard to where the copies were placed in the heart. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly how a design has been digitized...good or bad...until it is actually purchased...that is why it is important to know the digitizer and his/her skills before too much money is spent on their designs...Perhaps you can save another Cutie from such a disaster by letting us know who the designer is?? I would suggest to send a complaint to the site/digitizer to let them know just how unhappy you are with your purchase.

Mguenther262 by Mguenther262 03 Sep 2016

I bought it from "Princessdesigns" from Germany, it is only a small shop so i guess chances are not to high for another cutie to get disappointed.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 03 Sep 2016

Thanks...I still think you should contact them and let them know of your problems...

by sewtired 02 Sep 2016

I could understand this in a freebie that wasn't tested, but if it's for sale, it should be perfected first, which means testing, often multiple times. I can see why you are upset.

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mops by mops 03 Sep 2016

Freebies from a reputable site are an advert of the digitisers skill and are usually tested well. It's the " I just bought software and see what I made" freebies that turn out very disappointing.

by mops Moderator 02 Sep 2016

Strange!! Not only does it have those jumps all over the place, but it also has knots/stars that are rather irregular. And it is such a simple design.

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Mguenther262 by Mguenther262 03 Sep 2016

Indeed there are irregularities all over the finished design.....

by smokeythecat 02 Sep 2016

why does it need that random stitch to the middle, or the extra stitches before the long jumps? /this/ is why people should test sew their stuff after saving it a couple times. i know software corrupts stuff sometimes and makes inappropriate jumps or travels when it saves (it did that one time on a freestanding chunk i made to stitch another design on top of). probably best to watch the sewing animation in the other formats too

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Mguenther262 by Mguenther262 03 Sep 2016

Guess i will try to do so ( i know my machine can do so - maybe i can find out how 🙈)

by toogie 02 Sep 2016

I don't do digitizing, but I know sometimes, jumps can't be avoided. What I don't like is when you clip the jumps, the stitching is not secured, with multiple stitches/knotting, in the ending or beginning.

Mguenther262 by Mguenther262 02 Sep 2016

I would not bother if there were just the jump stitches between the stars/sugar dots i know no digitizer is a magician. The stars (or whatever) stitch out in pairs then jumps over the next place and stitches Kind of backwards. Then after a couple of these it jumps over to the other side....

smokeythecat by smokeythecat 02 Sep 2016

i tried to make an outline one time and the software refused to sew it start to end, it sewed like a third and then backtracked and sewed the rest. i gave up haha