by gougousse 31 Aug 2016

Good morning my dear cuties,

Here is my latest news.
I have cancer in my right lung. The mass is in the middle of the lung so that means inoperable. I have many spots all over my right lung as well near my glands on the left side of my neck near my clavicle. I will undergo chemo as well as radiation therapy. I should hear from the oncology department Friday, very quick because I am considered very urgent according to my lung specialist.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and positive thoughts,
I will keep you posted as best I can. Thank you all.

PS. A special thank you to Michelle for his approach and his support, and the help she gives me the correct translation of what I want to tell you.


by gerryb 10 Sep 2016

Praying right now.

by graceandham 10 Sep 2016

Praying on your behalf for this treatment to make a huge difference in the length and quality of your future. This must be so difficult to comprehend, much less begin moving forward. God bless.

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by gougousse edited 12 Sep 2016

Good morning all cuties

EDIT for the news on 10 septembre

I met all the specialists, and each has added a metastasis in another place ... Good thing I have nobody to meet ...

Final diagnosis and treatment protocol of final ..

In summary:

Cancer of the right lung, with metastasis to the lymph nodes, large cancerous mass in the middle of the body, so no possible surgery.

Metastases in the left lung

Metastases to the lymph nodes of the neck, left side, near the collarbone

And apparently metastasis adrenal gland ..

So I'm mortgaged, which limits the process of care. care to reduce pain by decreasing the masses and metastases, and thus improve the quality of life and lifespan.

I do not die tomorrow or in the coming months, but according to the reaction of my body treatments, dared to hope my life is between 1½ years and 5 years.

10 radiotherapy sessions starting Tuesday, September 13, followed by an unspecified period of chemotherapy that she should start mid October

Metastases which are scattered render impossible the usual treatment of 30 radiotherapy sessions. And radio shock therapy and chemotherapy at the same time heals over 6 weeks at 10% ... but I am not eligible.


I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and positive thoughts,

Gougousse/ Céline

basketkase by basketkase 10 Sep 2016

Oh, very sorry for all the suffering you are going through.......will pray very hard and ask that the angels of mercy wrap you in their wings and take away your pain...
I believe in the power of prayer and am praying you will be showered with love and support.....

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 10 Sep 2016

We love you Celine - please know that and we keep you in our prayers.

by gerryvb 02 Sep 2016

hope you have heard more now, it's Friday already. My thoughts and prayers go out for you, just like these of all other cuties . Like an army of Cuties we will pray for you and send positive thoughts in your direction. We all understand you need them, hope you feel the power of a prayer. Don't lose faith , we will be here waiting for you and thinking of you. Hugs, Gerry

by sdrise 02 Sep 2016

Prayers are with you!! We are here for you also!

by lbrow 01 Sep 2016

Think positive that goes a long way towards getting well. You are in my prayers/Lillian

by katydid 01 Sep 2016

We all pray for you and try to stay positive. My Dad lived almost his whole adult live with a portion on one lung working. He has TB when he was very young. Kay

by rhndsul58 01 Sep 2016

stay strong -wishing you all the strength you need to fight on and we are lucky to have the medical expertise to fight this curse

by noah 01 Sep 2016

May our GOD be with you and help you "ye thought i walk through THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH I WILL FEAR no EVIL" Hugs

by ansienaude 01 Sep 2016

may He comfort and protect you will keep you in my prayers

by meganne 01 Sep 2016

Sending an Angel to watch over you and give you strength to help you fight this battle. You can do it, so never lose faith.
Hugs and blessings, Meganne

by PeggyJ 01 Sep 2016

Celine, we will all be praying for you and holding your hand.

by momofeight 01 Sep 2016

My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you go through this

by lidiad 01 Sep 2016

I'm very sorry, dear Celine, I am praying and wishing you a complete recovery.
Hugs, Lidia

by dailylaundry 01 Sep 2016

Celine - I am praying for you and for your health workers - stay positive - we love you!! Hugs and love, Laura*

by airyfairy 01 Sep 2016

Dear Celine. My thoughts are with you at this time. Hugs Sarah

by jrob Moderator 01 Sep 2016

Celine, holding prayers for you daily. I pray for your strength to come from above, your faith to grow in your heart and the knowledge of your doctors to give the best and most helpful treatment. I love the way the Brazilians say, "a kiss to your heart" and I send you one.

by rsloan 01 Sep 2016

Celine - all of us Cuties are supporting you and pray for you during this very scary time.

by maleah 01 Sep 2016

Dear Celine, I will pray for a speedy recovery. Blessing to you and your family. .

by momac 01 Sep 2016

Celine, will pray for your recovery, please keep positive and beat the cancer. Will think of you until we hear from you again. Hugs from Maureen in South Africa

by Sewmum1 31 Aug 2016

I pray for strength and love to give you the courage you need to guide you through this.

by cfidl 31 Aug 2016

My thoughts and prayers are for your well being.

by harleysville 31 Aug 2016

God bless you with a speedy recovery. You can beat this.

by dakota 31 Aug 2016

You will be in my thoughts.

by pldc 31 Aug 2016

Celine you are in my prayers, it is a tough fight but it can be done. My sister had lung cancer too & she is here today cancer free 5 years this Nov. God hears our prayers for the strength you need. ~hugs Loralye~

by toogie 31 Aug 2016

Celine, this is hard for you to say, and also hard, for us to hear. I prayed for you at lunchtime and other times, as you have been daily on my heart. I really am sorry for what you have to face and to go through. I will continue to remember you, in whatever His plans for you are. Know that you are loved.Toogie

by tachau 31 Aug 2016

bonsoir la brodeuse
avec un pseudo pareil tu dois être francophone ou francophile
je te souhaite beaucoup d'énergie positive pour surmonter ta maladie
quand on veut on peut
avec le soutien de toutes ces passionnées tu y arriveras
je t'embrasse

by rachap 31 Aug 2016

Don't give up there are many new treatments and our prayers are that one of them will work for you.

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Aug 2016

Celine positive thoughts and cyber hug.

by graceandham 31 Aug 2016

This is such hard news for you. Draw your loved ones close and remember there are friends here who are praying on your behalf, for good care, lack of fear, for strength, and for hope.

by pennifold 31 Aug 2016

Thanks for letting us know Celine. I was praying for you last night before I went to bed and specifically asked for God's will in your fight against this disease. Be assured of my continual prayers and thoughts as you go through this trial. Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

toogie by toogie 31 Aug 2016


twee by twee 31 Aug 2016