by bevintex 26 Aug 2016

I think most of us embroiderers have other crafts they like to do on the side. I discovered kumihimo braiding and really like it. I can make a bracelet in less than a hour. It it very easy . all you need is a loom and your choice of threads and some time. When done just add your beads and end caps


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by spendlove Moderator edited 03 Sep 2016

I was heavily into this about three years ago. I used mainly 6 strand embroidery thread, but I tried all sorts of things. I must have some pictures somewhere.....

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bevintex by bevintex edited 03 Sep 2016

I think it was you that sparked my interest. Thank you. we learn so much from each other on the Cute site

by parkermom 02 Sep 2016

Those are really pretty. I've passed along screen shots of these pictures to my sister and she said, "Darn it, I have to go back to town!" We try to do a "girls day" at least once or twice a year and she and I and my daughters all get together and try to make something together. We've made homemade lotion, candles, candy, all kinds of things. This would be perfect for us. Thanks for sharing this--I had never heard of it before.

bevintex by bevintex edited 02 Sep 2016

the supplies are readily available online. . Look for a beginners kit. Also look on youtube for beginner tutorials

parkermom by parkermom 02 Sep 2016

I'll do that. Thanks for your help and idea.

by pldc 27 Aug 2016

these are really pretty Bev & what gr8 key fobs they make too !~hugs~

by cfidl 27 Aug 2016

I think the children will pick this up quickly! I need 2 for Tuesday!

by lindav 27 Aug 2016

There are so many possibilities for this craft. It is amazing what can be made on these looms. I have done some reverse style which are so pretty, I used yarns and embroidery floss. Some of the flat styles are also fun to do. You will enjoy finding all the possibilities. There is always another pattern to try.

by carolpountney 27 Aug 2016

These look awesome will have to go to the shops again... sigh

by killiecrankie 27 Aug 2016

I thought about trying this a few months ago but never got around to buying the discs.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Aug 2016

Something else to explore. Oh dear I need a few more lives. You did a great job. Those bracelets are good looking.

by noah 26 Aug 2016

nope ****i never even heard of this before ***Many Moons ago my boys breaded things but nothing as pretty as these .Great job Bev. hugs Carolyn

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bevintex by bevintex 26 Aug 2016

It's just a fancy braid, the finished bracelets are at top. the middle picture just shows some of the beads and endings and cord

by jerrib 26 Aug 2016

These are gorgeous, I want to try to make some for the girls in my family.
How do you finish them with the metal ends?

bevintex by bevintex 26 Aug 2016

they glue on with a super glue gel type

jerrib by jerrib 26 Aug 2016

Thank you....

by dragonflyer 26 Aug 2016

Very nice...

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bevintex by bevintex 26 Aug 2016

Thank you

by jrob Moderator 26 Aug 2016

Those are really cute, Bev!

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bevintex by bevintex 26 Aug 2016


by Abbygail 26 Aug 2016

WOW ! I would like to do that ! The ones you show here look great. I will have to investigate this braiding. Thanks for sharing !

bevintex by bevintex 26 Aug 2016

check youtube for video instructions

Abbygail by Abbygail 26 Aug 2016

LOL ... funny you said that .. cuz that is exactly what I did !!