by otherside 23 Aug 2016

Hello everybody. I would greatly appreciate your help if someone can assist. I am trying to digitize a design but when I load it onto the machine, it is not centred in the hoop.

I selected the start and end points to be the first and last stitch of the design. When I select the start point to be the centre of the design, it makes one stitch in the middle of the design, then a jump stitch to the first stitch of the design. Is there a way to centre the design in the hoop, not to have the first stitch (jump stitch) from the centre and for the machine to stitch the design from the first stitch?
I use the Bernina Designer Plus 6 Software. Again, if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks in advance!


by Nicky602 25 Aug 2016

Just a thought, I use Creative Drawings when I digitize...( newish at digitizing)

When I have completed digitizing, I centre the design by bringing the X and Y axis to 0.00 in the design programme. (if that makes any sense).I have never tried the start and end stitch idea.

Hope this helps


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otherside by otherside 09 Sep 2016

Hi Nicky,
thank you for your reply. I tried to centre the design as you described. It seemed to work but once I re-opened the design, it moved itself to the first stitch being in the centre, leaving the design not centred. Does this make sense? Thank you for your help. I will keep looking for a fix to this problem.

by mops Moderator 25 Aug 2016

I do not own the Bernina software, so I can only guess.
i use Embird and 6D Premium and would probably do one of the following:
- put a checkmark before 'centre design' in one of them, the other centres automatically;
- look in the object list of the design file and if it shows the first jump I delete it there or if not edit the embroidery file - I prefer the first.
- do not start and / or end the design in the middle as it adds unnessary stitches.

I hope some Bernina user reads this and gives a software specific answer.

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otherside by otherside 09 Sep 2016

Thank you so much for your help. I will have a look whether Bernina has a function like it. Thank you!

by dollygk 25 Aug 2016

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otherside by otherside 09 Sep 2016

Hi Dolly, thank you so much for it. Edith

by gwillmann 23 Aug 2016

I hope someone can help you. I'm writing a comment to bring your question to the top.

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otherside by otherside 24 Aug 2016

Thank you :)