by wider57 19 Aug 2016

So this isn't entirely embroidery related, just wanted to brag a bit. If you've ever heard of Weird Al Yankovic he's currently on tour and was in our city last weekend. In one of his sets he invites local costumers from the 501st Legion to join him in a song on stage. My daughter was one of the storm troopers on stage with him! Here's a link to the video. My daughter is the storm trooper on the far right - in front of the keyboardist.

My daughter is trying to get me included as a supplier of embroidery work for the local chapters for the 501st Legion. If approved I would be doing logos, patches and even be able to sell some snap tabs! I know many of the local costumers and they are really hoping they can go through me to get their 'swag'.


by lbrow 19 Aug 2016

Interesting, Have heard a lot about him, and once when in Branson, MO. Hoped to get to his show but was unable to. Good luck on getting to be a supplier for the Legion/Lillian

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wider57 by wider57 19 Aug 2016

It sounded like a great show - I was home babysitting, so didn't get to see him either. Thanks for the wishes on becoming a supplier. I hope I hear soon.

by jrob Moderator 19 Aug 2016

Looks like they had a great time!

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wider57 by wider57 19 Aug 2016

They all did. My daughter was so excited. They had to learn their routine about an hour before the show started.

by cfidl 19 Aug 2016

What fun for you! Impressive costume!

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wider57 by wider57 19 Aug 2016

Thanks. She worked really hard to get it perfect. We are off to another event tomorrow and she'll be in full costume again.