by Barbaric 19 Aug 2016

I just wanted to share with those Cuties who make things for people with dementia. My friend's mother was put into respite, and the home made a placemat with her picture, first name and all the things that she likes (music, gardening, etc). So the staff could have a conversation with her and call her by name when they served her meal in the dinning room. That placemat goes with her every time she has respite.


by graceandham 19 Aug 2016

Love this idea.

by babash 19 Aug 2016

What a great idea. I would personally hate someone calling me Lovey or Pet if I didn't know them or where I was. But by using the persons name it would make them feel more settled and that they were with a person who knew them.

by lbrow 19 Aug 2016

A very, very good idea/Lillian

by PeggyJ 19 Aug 2016

What an insightful idea. Thank you for sharing.

by sdrise 19 Aug 2016

Great idea !!

by dragonflyer 19 Aug 2016

Wonderful idea and so very practical and helpful to both the patient and staff...

by cfidl 19 Aug 2016

Great idea!

by jrob Moderator 19 Aug 2016

What a wonderful idea!

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Aug 2016

Great idea when you know the recipient.

by sandralane 19 Aug 2016

This is a very good idea. Thanks for sharing with us, always nice to address a person by name and have a conversation. Sandra.