by pennyhal2 16 Aug 2016

Does anyone use a tension guage to set your bobbin tension? Do they work?


by raels011 19 Aug 2016

I have one but never worked out how to use it properly

by AuntAnnie 19 Aug 2016

I also recommend a second bobbin case set specifically for your specialty thread. It is difficult and time consuming to continuously resetting the tension for each type of bobbin thread. Below is two ways to check the tension of your bobbin. One is for the classic drop test. The other is an alternative and supposedly more accurate coin test.

Grrr. Having difficulty adding the link for the drop test. Will try it here in the text area:

by sewtired 18 Aug 2016

Can anyone enlighten me on "separate bobbin cases"? I have no experience with that. Thank you.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 19 Aug 2016

"Separate Bobbin Case" is simply another bobbin case for your that you freely adjust for the different weights of decorative thread you might want to use...threads that are not the same weight as your "normal" embroidery can adjust this bobbin case tension up or down to accommodate the weight of the thread you are using...this means that when you embroider "normally" with your standard embroidery always works perfectly...put it in the bobbin case and go...

sewtired by sewtired 19 Aug 2016

Thank you. It never occurred to me that you might switch out bobbin cases like you do needles or feet. I'm intrigued.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 19 Aug 2016

You are welcome...the second bobbin case is very BabyLock came with two bobbin specifically just for embroidery and the other one for sewing and embroidering with specialty threads where I can adjust that one freely without impacting my standard embroidery...

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 20 Aug 2016

My Babylock has three bobbin cases that came with the machine. My Bernina came with two, but I bought a third. I do fiddle with the bobbin to get the results I want. Just looking for a way to adjust to a number rather than my "adjust and see how it works" process.

by mops Moderator 18 Aug 2016

I never adjust my bobbin tension. I lower the top tension one stop when embroidering on towels, when using gold/metallic or wool thread but never fiddle with the bobbin tension.
For 18wt threads and decorative ones I have a separate bobbin case.

by Barbaric 17 Aug 2016

I have one and only used it once in 5 years. I never touch my bobbin tension like dragonflyer. I also have my machine serviced every 12 months so everything in that department is checked.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 17 Aug 2016

I frequently adjust the bobbin tension since I use different wt. threads in embroidering. But I'd like to be able to adjust it to the exact same tension that I need without fiddling around.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Aug 2016

Perhaps buying another bobbin case and keeping it just for your "regular" embroidery might be easier...

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by dragonflyer edited 16 Aug 2016

Have not ever used one...but for my embroidery machine...I never touch the tension on the bobbin case for embroidery...I have a separate bobbin case for sewing and specialty threads, far as my "other" sewing machine...I just use the "bobbin drop" test to set the tension...