by mops 01 Aug 2016

Mug rug.

I used my ginkgo design to make an ITH mug rug. I used variegated thread for the leaves; not too happy with the top left one, the ombré type threads are much nicer.


by dennis999 03 Aug 2016

I don't mean to disagree Mrs. M. but I quite like the top left one as compared to the others........................although they are all very nice. Thank you for showing us your latest creation.

by kathymourie 03 Aug 2016

Really pretty... Love the colors

by pldc 02 Aug 2016

this is very pretty, ~hugs~

by gramsbear 02 Aug 2016

I like them all!!! Great job!!!

by anitapatch 02 Aug 2016

Very, very nice. Thank you for showing

by pennifold 02 Aug 2016

Oh! Martine this looks beautiful,luv Chris

by katydid 01 Aug 2016

Nice job!

by lidiad 01 Aug 2016

That's lovely, Martine!
Hugs, Lidia

by jrob Moderator 01 Aug 2016

Real pretty, Martine!

mops by mops 01 Aug 2016

Thank you.
It's funny, I am a cup-and-saucer girl, but since I digitised the pumpkin mug rugs last October I stitched out 18 and digitised 3 more, for all seasons and occasions. Quite a pile!

jrob by jrob 03 Aug 2016

I love my mug rugs. My everyday china doesn't have saucers, so they are perfect for me.

by shirley124 01 Aug 2016

This is lovely. hugs

by fera 01 Aug 2016

Lovely and I do like the top left one - gives it some punch. How did you do the background on your machine first or last and marked it off - would like to know thanks Karen

mops by mops 01 Aug 2016

I did a basting line first, to keep the batting and top layer in place, then the leaves followed by the cross hatch quilting, .put the fabric for the back face down on top and stitched the seam last. it has an opening for turning at the left hand side, which needs to be closed by hand. It fits a 5x7 in hoop.
I hope this answers your question.

fera by fera 02 Aug 2016

many thanks for explaining the process - much appreciated

by Elena18 01 Aug 2016

love it !great job,you are too hard on yourself!

by Ossineu 01 Aug 2016

I love this mug rug. The design is beautiful and the threads too:-)

by lbrow edited 01 Aug 2016

Think I told you before Martine I love ginkgos. Tiny little tree in yard across the road from me, about 3 feet tall. Hope I live to see it get to be large. They look really great on your mug rug. I always say they look elegant/Lillian

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mops by mops 01 Aug 2016

How delightful to have tree so close, albeit a rather small one. I love the bright yellow autumn colour as well the green leaves, so much lighter than our native trees. And the full-grown ones are quite impressive.

by sonjapotgieter 01 Aug 2016

Lovely!!!Well done

by peafarm 01 Aug 2016

I think this is lovely. It highlights the leaf. Could have one done in the muted tones and make another using the bright highlight thread. The bold leaf just accents this. Love it.

by laffma1 01 Aug 2016

Isn't it wonderful how a simple leaf can become such an attractive design. Your mug rug is lovely.

by spendlove Moderator 01 Aug 2016


by marfa 01 Aug 2016

Very nice!

by carolpountney 01 Aug 2016

I like the colours you have used very nice mug rug

by basketkase 01 Aug 2016

I think the top left one is very pretty, I do agree though, I love the ombre type too.....I have a hard time finding them in cones though.......lovely mug rug, Martine........

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mops by mops 01 Aug 2016

Thank you.
I have Marathon threads, 12 colours, 1000m spools. They do sell 5000m spools as well. I noticed sells them, problem is the colour chart does not give the numbers for the multicoloured threads :( could not find those. I tried with a number of my ombre moss green (5514) and light green (5512) and they apparently sell those as I did not get an error message. They are $ 5.95 and free shipping in the USA for orders over $100.