by sdrise 29 Jul 2016

Hi I have had my hands full with an explosion of kittens. Right now I have been feeding a bottle to 10 of them with no mom. I got them in at 2 weeks old They are now 4 weeks old . So cute but a lot of work. Soon they will be transitioning to gruel and then food. I for one will be happy when they eat on their own. At least they are on a schedule . I can sleep most of the night now. Yeah! Suzanne


by gerryvb 01 Aug 2016

something like on the picture I suppose. The kittens must be so lucky to have you as a care taker. You do a wonderful job!! Hope they give you a lot of love and fun besides the lots of work. Compliments and hugs for you ))))

by katydid 01 Aug 2016

Oh my what a undertaking!!! Perhaps cuties cat lovers can guide you through to get them eating on their own. I think there is something in the grocery store for this. Comes in a small carton. Kay

by cfidl 01 Aug 2016

Wow! reading about the amazing work you do. Thank you!

by lbrow 30 Jul 2016

An unsung. Hero you are. Full of love. Wonderful job God has anointed you with. He sees the sparrow fall so I know he has endowed you with this gift of love for the animals you care for./Lillian

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sdrise by sdrise 31 Jul 2016

thanks so much I don't question God I just do. He set me up with this path and I will follow.. So far he has provided food shelter and litter for them. Thank you!

by zoefzoef 30 Jul 2016

Greatjob you are doing ! Pictures please so we all can say , ohhh how cute they are

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sdrise by sdrise 31 Jul 2016

They have already doubled in size. their ears are up and they are starting to see.

by basketkase 30 Jul 2016

Wow, Suzanne, you are truly an animal angel!! How many do you have total now?

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sdrise by sdrise 31 Jul 2016

right now bottle feeding 10 and have 20 others to care for. Thanks for your kind words!

by sewtired 30 Jul 2016

Many Cheers for you Suzanne! (3 is not enough) Thank you for the work you do to help these dear babies. I wish there was more we could do to protect animals from irresponsible pet owners.

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sdrise by sdrise 31 Jul 2016

Here here!! I agree! Wish we could do something about the irresponsible owners!

by 02kar Moderator 29 Jul 2016

Suzanne has been mama to these kittens and at least 1 other litter every year. She doesn't tell people all she does, but she is an amazing woman. Maybe someday she will share the number of feral cats she and her hubby have trapped and had neutered. It is staggering to me what she and Dave have done for their city. She is my hero. And I love praying for her and the kittens and cats.

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sdrise by sdrise 31 Jul 2016

Thanks sis!! Thanks for all your prayers too they help! Love ya!

by bevintex 29 Jul 2016

in my city the animal shelter took in 4300 stray cats last year and 1600 were adopted or sent to other shelters. Those numbers are crazy.

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sdrise by sdrise 31 Jul 2016

It is amazing how many little bodies need help to find a home and have love. My husband and I do about 275 a year by ourselves plus we Trap neuter and release the wild cats. Imagine how may more can be done if people would lend a hand. Hard to find helpers.