by pennyhal2 27 Jul 2016

Has anyone else not received the free letters from Stitch Delight the last two days? I hesitate to email after seeing the rather intense email from her about missing letters.


by maleah 28 Jul 2016

It is a great a pity to those of us who do NOT have facebook to miss the letters.

rescuer by rescuer edited 28 Jul 2016

She sent an email with two letters included as soon as she had power again. Those that get/read her emails, do not miss out on any designs

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 28 Jul 2016

Unless the email fails to show up. I have her emails sent to two email accounts to make sure it shows up somewhere.

rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2016

Make sure you have her email as a "Contact" so that the emails will always be delivered to your account. Some may be trapped as SPAM depending on your settings.

by gerryvb 28 Jul 2016

letter F is up now on Facebook :)

by pacmp 28 Jul 2016

Her face book freebies site, is usually the most up to date, and often she responds there, but as you have noticed the request for missed freebies are generally not even paid attention to, and if they are commented on, it is usually by the regulars there, letting you know that yes they were posted, but you had missed them which would be why your attempt to download resulted in getting the 404 not found page . Even with the facebook's notifications you still may get the notifications sporadically due to the way facebook decides on which people get notifications so you may want to generate a list for yourself of each site you are following, that you wish to check with daily. Currently her freebies FB site has the letters C,D,E & F all still available, I get her email as well, so I generally seem to get extra hours to download, or it at least seems to me like I do, since I have often been able to still download even after I had forgotten for more than 24 hours sometimes even past the 48 hour mark. Likely some of these will no longer be free for much longer, so you may want to get them right away. Thankfully if you do miss one of the designs that you needed for a project they are only $1. Happy Stitching. Pam

by queenofhearts 28 Jul 2016

She did send out a Facebook message explaining why there were no letters, but I guess if you don't have Facebook you didn't see that.
Missing letters were all there today.

by killiecrankie 28 Jul 2016

The weather has been awful where she lives.Sometimes her emails are a day late.I have found that you can still download the letter that you might have missed ,if you still have the original email featuring that letter.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Jul 2016

To be honest, if I have missed letters from any digitizer I will purchase them. I think it is only fair to do that. I know several folks with websites have said they cannot answer the number of emails they get a day. The numbers of people who have missed a letter I guess is quite large. I know it can be a hardship for many folks when they miss a letter and my heart is sad for them.

by carolpountney 27 Jul 2016

Where she lives they have had horrendous weather no power or water maybe she is one of those unlucky ones right in the middle or storms but in her newsletter she has given some letters

by pennyhal2 27 Jul 2016

Ah! That explains it. I located them. I thought my computer was going wacko again.

I'm not on Facebook or any other "social" media that she posts on. I can hardly keep up with my email.

by gerryvb 27 Jul 2016

on FB are CDE up for download

by amandasews 27 Jul 2016

She has them up on the FB page:

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gramsbear by gramsbear 28 Jul 2016

Many Thanx for the link!!! I am a member but didn't save the link, until today!!! Hahaha! Thanx again... Hugs, Judy...

by baydreamer 27 Jul 2016

I was wondering the same thing! thanks

by rescuer Moderator 27 Jul 2016

She had a power outage. Since then she has posted on Facebook and via email.
I do feel for her concerning missing free letters. That has to be so frustrating! Imagine working hard for hours only to have people beg or worse demand more freebies. I do hope folks are buying designs from her.

by jrob Moderator 27 Jul 2016

Someone else told me she had posted on Facebook, but I can't verify that.

gerryvb by gerryvb 27 Jul 2016

she does :)

ldfalk by ldfalk 28 Jul 2016

She was affected by the storm and actually posted on FB about it - no internet access, so likely was posting from her cell. I am sure she will get back on track once power and internet are restored.