by baydreamer 24 Jul 2016

When I saw this design I just had to have it... not the first time I have said that or the last!

Pocket Monsters from Urban Threads
Thanks for looking!


by lhart 26 Jul 2016

Love it! Great colours and it stitched out perfect!

by cfidl 25 Jul 2016

Cute indeed! I had not seen them at UT.

by sjbrower 25 Jul 2016

Awww.... that's so cute! I had to resist... my embroidery budget is gone for this month.

by lidiad 25 Jul 2016

That's soooo cute! Well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by zoefzoef 25 Jul 2016

Is so cute ! Well done!

by mranderson 25 Jul 2016

Great work. Good to see the design stitched out. I bought these designs. Bought one pack and got the second one free. Hugs Marg

by Sewmum1 25 Jul 2016

How cute. I love that little dragon!

by sandralane 25 Jul 2016

Great work, thanks for showing us all. Sandra.

by lilylady 24 Jul 2016

Great, Love these designs.

by lbrow 24 Jul 2016

So cute!/Lillian

by peafarm 24 Jul 2016

Cute little monster. Is this whole pocket a design? Like that concept.

by fayebusby 24 Jul 2016

Good job.Did you take the pocket off and put it back on or did you sew over pocket?.

1 comment
maggiecal by maggiecal 24 Jul 2016

The pocket is embroidered - not a real pocket :-)

by Smokey12 24 Jul 2016

He is so precious. Does this mean the pocket is not real? I saw them and didn't understand how to sew them on and above the pocket.

1 comment
baydreamer by baydreamer 24 Jul 2016

it's just stitched on the fabric , it really comes to life when the outline is stitched out.

by pennifold 24 Jul 2016

Lovely work, love Chris

by Ossineu 24 Jul 2016

It looks great. Love this little dragon too:-)

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jul 2016

What a cute design. Never thought I would call monsters cute. Nice placement.

by bemara 24 Jul 2016

When I saw this design I just smile, I have bought immediately three, I find the small dragon also in sweetest ones:-) hugs Maria

by sonjapotgieter 24 Jul 2016

Cute and so Pretty!!!Great design

by maggiecal 24 Jul 2016

So cute - which size did you go with on your shirt?

baydreamer by baydreamer 24 Jul 2016

I purchased the middle size but this is enlarge 20 %

maggiecal by maggiecal 24 Jul 2016


sewntrouble by sewntrouble 25 Jul 2016

Thanks for letting us know how much you enlarged. I bought the large design and medium. But wanted something in the middle. Now I know to enlarge the medium.

by noah 24 Jul 2016

oh he looks sew scarced lol nice job hugs