by Elena18 16 Jul 2016

Here is my version of the bag that Angie and I figured out how to do.


by PIGNADA 29 Jul 2016

i love it.: design, fabric... thank you for sharing. Amitiés de France.

by jamierosey 29 Jul 2016

very pretty

by lbrow 18 Jul 2016

Ooooh. Iadore purple. Awesome job/Lillian

by brendalea 17 Jul 2016

Very nice bag, love the fabric. Thank you for sharing. Happy Stitching!!

by justsew 17 Jul 2016

very nice indeed
Hugs pam

by sonjapotgieter 17 Jul 2016

Love your Fabric!!! Stunning

by stella1 17 Jul 2016

Beautifull and so lovely thanks for sharing

by carolpountney 17 Jul 2016

Lovely bag love the fabric, reading all the comments I think it is too much for my old brain, so well done

joybteafrontiercom by joybteafrontiercom 17 Jul 2016

What is so hard about it? It looks simple to me. Just saying......

bevintex by bevintex 18 Jul 2016

Try one

by gerryvb 17 Jul 2016

yours is as lovely as Angie's, you did a great job together :)

by spendlove Moderator 17 Jul 2016

Lovely - thank you for showing us!

by eleen 17 Jul 2016

Great bag.

by queenofhearts 16 Jul 2016

I did this one too and the front seemed to be off center so I either increased or decreased the pattern I don't remember which) so it would come out even. I don't remember what I did with the lining but I use this bag all the time so it must have turned out OK.

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bevintex by bevintex 16 Jul 2016

I did one awhile back and it was ok, so maybe I just had an off day. it happens, I think I skipped a step somewhere. I'm not blaming the design or designer but just saying I did something wrong somewhere. I'll try the small one and see what happens

by robinbird 16 Jul 2016

What a delightful zip bag you've done& these florals look great together too. Would you tell where you'd found this design if you don't mind telling? Thanks for sharing your work. :~D

bevintex by bevintex 16 Jul 2016

check the site. there are more zippers bags in the $1.00 sale, other cute stuff too

Elena18 by Elena18 17 Jul 2016

Thanks,to bouth of you🌺🌺

by bevintex 16 Jul 2016

I tried this one, the front panel turned around somehow to the inside with backing showing on the front, I was missing a lining and even if I would of gotten it correct the front panels didn't seem to be even, one end was skinny and the other fatter which threw off the middle color, So I'll leave this for another day or never.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Jul 2016

Bev I think we added a piece of lining. Anna did the cutting while we were trying to make sense of the sequence. I can't remember if we did. Maybe she will. All I know that we had a discussion about that.

bevintex by bevintex 16 Jul 2016

I thought I followed the directions exactly as written, but mine was inside out or outside in. One or the other, both I think, I had to toss it out.

Elena18 by Elena18 16 Jul 2016

The cuttings and instructions have some issues indeed,we add a lining for the front after you do the embroidery under the zipper on the back of the hoop small size plus another lining piece hole size good face togheter ; is realy tricky maybe we should do a video with instructions?😂Angie??

bevintex by bevintex edited 16 Jul 2016

good idea

bevintex by bevintex 16 Jul 2016

ok. I went back and looked at the directions. I did not turn the hoop over when I added the back piece, I put it on the wrong side, I will do another

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Jul 2016

Also when it comes to turn it inside out it is easy to grab the wrong piece. I almost did it wrong on the first one

by babash 16 Jul 2016

Love the bag the colours are stunning.

by dragonflyer 16 Jul 2016

Beautiful job...

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Elena18 by Elena18 16 Jul 2016

Thank You ,team work

by hoplessnz 16 Jul 2016

I love the colors did you have a pattern or was it in your head . I am trying to do something for a crazy patch work challenge for an embroidery group I belong to . Cant seem to get my head around crazy patch ,, been doing machine embroidery to long ,, where things match up nicely . Crazy patch is all over the place and somehow dosent come together right in my mind for me . Perhaps I need to be a quilter instead.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 16 Jul 2016

I just love the little crazy quilt purse from Kreative Kiwi. It is done with 3 panels for each side and the panels are connected in the hoop. It comes in a 5x7 and 6x10 size. You can make it plain on one side if you would rather but I made it crazy patch on both sides. Look in my projects for a picture of it.

by noah 16 Jul 2016

Love it and the color is the best hugs

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Jul 2016

I love purple too.

by Smokey12 16 Jul 2016

That is beautiful in the purple. It is always great to have an extra person around to help.

by fanchonr 16 Jul 2016

Just guys did a great job

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Jul 2016

By sticking our heads together we figured it out. I put claim on the purple version to keep.

by queenofhearts 16 Jul 2016

Gorgeous bag.

by pennifold 16 Jul 2016

STUNNING! I'm a fan and of course in my favourite colour! Love Chris

by glob69 16 Jul 2016

Very pretty. You did a great job. I love your fabric choices. Hugs, Gail

by aussiequilter 16 Jul 2016

what beautiful fabrics ,and your bags is great too