by maleah 14 Jul 2016

Please be aware that tomorrow July 15 is a protest to be held in 37 US states for Black lives matter. Please take care to be safe. This was just passed on to me by my hubby..


by jenne 16 Jul 2016

I teach a quilting classes at our Senior Center, I have Black ladies, Asian ladies , white ladies all in my classes together, I treat everyone the same , We were all created by God therefore all people should be respected and treated equal.

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noah by noah 19 Jul 2016

Amen i agree100%

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by jrob Moderator edited 15 Jul 2016

When some lives (in America, white people), are already assumed to matter, and we do not have to make signs and posts saying ‪#‎whitelivesmatter‬ because we do not deal with the kind of constant devaluing that people of color do, statistically-proven, in this country...then we need to focus on the ones among us that are more likely to be assumed not to. Just so you know, if you're a person of color, there are white people, like me, in this country that do not presume to know the depth of your experience with racism or your pain, but would rather jump in front of a bullet aimed at an innocent black person than stand back and witness these atrocities go down. I will stand with you, and fight for equality until all are afforded the same rights in practice that we are supposed to be legally given in this country. ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ ---let's unite and peacefully pressure for change until this hashtag is no longer relevant. s nardini

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noah by noah 19 Jul 2016

Amen sister preach it:):)hugs

by sdrise 15 Jul 2016

I wish it was all lives matter...

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barba by barba 15 Jul 2016