by crafter2243 ( edited 13 Jul 2016 ) 13 Jul 2016

My friend and I spend a lot of time this afternoon trying to figure out this purse which was done with 3 hoopings, lining and all. We finally made it. It is from Threads n Scissors.


by aussiequilter 16 Jul 2016

I's gorgeous

by parkermom 16 Jul 2016

It is really pretty. I have gone to that site before, but I never had really taken the time to look through all the great designs to find this. Bought that design and a few more too! Wonderful price--$1 each. Thanks for sharing the picture and link.

by jrob Moderator 16 Jul 2016

Wow, it's gorgeous.

by bescal 14 Jul 2016

Beautiful. Could you please post the link? I could not find it on T and S website but found a lot of other beautiful things.

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by dollygk 14 Jul 2016

Good work figuring out the bag..... BUT I LOVE your doily, I could never manage to do a filet and have it come out so wonderfully!!!

by katydid 13 Jul 2016

Lucky to have a friend to help you!!! Nice work! KAY

by phone1lady 13 Jul 2016

Lovely purse & beautiful fabric.

by queenofhearts 13 Jul 2016

Very nice. I have this design and I have done it in both sizes.

by bevintex 13 Jul 2016

I have this design too. I hope mine looks as good as yours

by Leaha 13 Jul 2016

It may only be cotton but the red looks like velvet. Lovely!

by sewdeb 13 Jul 2016

It's lovely! And the fabric choices are perfect! Your crocheting talent sure shines in that gorgeous doily, too!

by cfidl 13 Jul 2016

Lovely purse! Well done!

by sonjapotgieter 13 Jul 2016

Stunning fabric!!!!Well done

by arisann 13 Jul 2016

Very nice job!

by noah 13 Jul 2016

Looking good hugs

by maggiecal 13 Jul 2016

Looks fantastic! Well worth the effort :-)

by dragonflyer 13 Jul 2016

Very nice..has a vintage quality to it with the fabrics you have chosen...and also sitting on that beautiful doily!

by vanouq 13 Jul 2016

Magnifique cette trousse ! bravo !

by basketkase 13 Jul 2016 the fabric......

by pennifold 13 Jul 2016

This is a great purse, very useful size. Angie, may I ask what fabric you used for the lining? Love Chris

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 13 Jul 2016

Cotton Fabric. Since we do a lot of quilting for charity these projects are usually from left over materials

by lidiad 13 Jul 2016

That's absolutely beautiful, well done to you both! Love the doily as well.
Hugs, Lidia

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 13 Jul 2016

Thanks Lidia. I crochet that doily some time ago.

by lilylady 13 Jul 2016

Beautiful, love the colors!

by baydreamer 13 Jul 2016

Sometimes ITH purses are far easier made the good old fashion way.
Would this have been easier that way? Looks good

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 13 Jul 2016

It probably would be easier the old fashion way. I like that the quilting is done at the same time and in the precise location.

by laffma1 13 Jul 2016

Your persistance paid off - it turned out beautifully. Sometimes another set of eyes is all we need to work out the details. Well done, both of you.

by Barbaric 13 Jul 2016

very nice

by mops Moderator 13 Jul 2016

Nice work, both of you.

by carolpountney 13 Jul 2016

Beautiful and the fabric is awesome

by gerryvb 13 Jul 2016

well it's very impressive, probably a lot of work ( doing and thinking) but worth it. it's lovely :)

by sandralane 13 Jul 2016

Team effort ,for a stunning result. Great work both of you. Thanks for showing us. Sandra.

by eleen 13 Jul 2016

Beautiful love the color scheme - looks so elegant.

by babash 13 Jul 2016

Very nice

by spendlove Moderator 13 Jul 2016

Nice work, both of you!