by boogie1818 12 Jul 2016

Hi everyone, I came upon 2 sites that have many free designs, as well as beautiful holiday designs. and

Hope you like them


by mechille 14 Jul 2016

Thanks... didn't know about these.

by grossfamilie 14 Jul 2016

Thank you - also for me the links worked both. Maria

by stock 14 Jul 2016

they both worked for me

by gerryvb 13 Jul 2016

here are the links to these sites :)

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rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2016

Thank you Gerry for adding the links

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Jul 2016

Neither of these links work. A PM has been sent to you asking for you to please alter them. Thanks

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mops by mops 13 Jul 2016

They are not links, they are typed in the text. I know it is easier when they are added as links. Now you have to copy and paste them in the address bar and then they bring you to the home page of both sites.

by alicegaylor 13 Jul 2016