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by sdrise ( edited 08 Jul 2016 ) 08 Jul 2016

I lost one of my babies (kitten) yesterday. He came to me after being hit by a car. I nursed him back to health . When he first got here he could not walk. He was eating , drinking, playing and having a ball after he got better.

Monday he kept going to the litter box and could not pee. I took him right away to the vets. They had him for two days in intensive care. He went down hill fast and died yesterday afternoon. Turns out he had a hole in his urethra from the car accident and urine was leaking into his abdomen. The toxin from his urine poisoned his body. He was just 8 weeks old
Makes me so sad to lose a little one like this. He was an adorable orange tiger that I named Dexter . I would like to think he had love and joy in his little life while he was under my care and he left paw prints on my heart. Thanks for letting me tell you about his life. Suzanne


by Sewmum1 10 Jul 2016

So sorry to hear about your little Dexter.
Big hugs

by lbrow 09 Jul 2016

Sorry Suzanne. I know animals know when they are loved' I always think we get more from them than we give. They give so much love and joy/Lillian

by gerryvb 09 Jul 2016

I'm so sorry for you, his life was too short but he must have felt your love and care. big hug for you.

by basketkase 09 Jul 2016

Oh, Suzanne......I know how this breaks your gave him love during his short life and that is a wonderful thing!! So sorry this happened to this certainly did all you could! Big hug to you!

by sdrise 09 Jul 2016

Thank each and every one of you for your wonderful words... They are surly loving and comforting to me. Dexter was a special little guy. So small and so adorable. I shared his life and he has touched a lot of hearts though he was not here on Earth long. I will never forget him or his happy little personality. Thank to everyone for your Love..

by meganne 09 Jul 2016

This makes me so sad but happy that he knew the love of a caring human before he was called away. Have no doubt he will return to you.
Hugs n blessings for the awesome work you do.

by momac 09 Jul 2016

Oh Suzanne, how sad, at least he was loved by you and didn't suffer for too long. Hugs from Me and my 4 cats. Maureen

by pennifold 09 Jul 2016

Oh! I'm so sorry Suzanne, the loss of one of our pets is always devastating. I'm so glad he got to be in a loving home for his little life. Love Chris

by katydid 08 Jul 2016

So sorry , I just walked in the door from taking my cat, Kiki, to the Vet. She had been clawed on her ear. Happened on July 5th and I had been nursing it and I noticed it looked much worse today so I took her in. Good thing I did as it was infected and she had an open laceration which was not visible until they shaved her ear area. I need to take her back in a week. Kay

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lbrow by lbrow 09 Jul 2016

Hope KIki gets better soon Kay. In this hot humid weather they get broken areas infected so quickly/Lillian

by sewtired 08 Jul 2016

How sad. I hope you find some comfort in the love poured out here and in knowing that you made a positive contribution to his short life.

by noah 08 Jul 2016

Oh so sad thanks for caring for all God's wee creators Be Blessed hugs Carolyn

by heleninca 08 Jul 2016

I am also sorry form your loss. I lost a kitten 40 years ago and I still think of him.

by rmj8939 08 Jul 2016

I am so sorry for your loss.

by zoefzoef 08 Jul 2016

oh.. I feel so sorry . for you and the cat..
we just can take comfort that he was enjoying such a nice time with you.. Sending you a big hug...

by 02kar Moderator 08 Jul 2016

You know how hard we both prayed for our little Mighty Mite. He was loved to pieces and had a great time with his new friends. He is forever in our hearts. He is one special little guy to us both.

by hightechgrammy 08 Jul 2016

Thank you for giving this little sweetheart some joy in his life, Suzanne. You did all you could for him. You did make his short life happy. He knew he was loved and that is much more than many abandoned kittens do. I felt his little paw prints too. Thank you for telling us this. Jan

by queenofhearts 08 Jul 2016

Bless you for giving him happiness during his short life.

by airyfairy 08 Jul 2016

I am so very sorry

by jrob Moderator 08 Jul 2016

Suzanne I love to hear about your kitties. Your heART should be in a museum.

by cfidl 08 Jul 2016

me too, feel that tug on my heart. Bless you and your efforts.

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Jul 2016

I am sad with you.