by bevnorris 30 Jun 2008

I wish to thank all the Cuties for their links to new sites and their projects. You are all so inspiring! Flowers to all.


by sandralochran 01 Jul 2008

Welcome Bev A great group

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by ruthie 01 Jul 2008

Bev, you're as bad as colmag, she also thanked us for getting her addicted to downloading freebies, haha. You are very welcome in the S.A.D.D. club sweetie, we're all there with you. Love, hugs and flowers. And a big welcome to our *Cute* family, so good to see you here.

by shirleysisson 01 Jul 2008

Welcome to the 'Cute' family, Bev. *4U

by lbrow 30 Jun 2008

Thank U bey. Welcome to The Cute Embroidery Site. We r most proud to have U *4U

by auntbaba 30 Jun 2008

So glad that you have joined us. You'll have fun here! *4U

by dkjack 30 Jun 2008

Welcome to our Cute Family. Happy you like the site. Veronica has worked very hard to give us everything we need. I'm sure there is more to come. Hope you join us often. (This site does become an addiction.) :) Please share your sites, projects, and advice. Ask any questions because there is always someone to help you. We are all in different time zones so it might take a bit for your answer. We are always learning from each other.