by nutshell 27 Jun 2016

What's the purpose of the small hole in this embroidery design?


by jgwatchorn 28 Jun 2016

Thankyou for asking about the hole, I was wondering the same thing....It's here we get most off our questions answered !!!!

by grammaheh1 27 Jun 2016

You could put this design on a towel or other item to hang on a hook or add a ribbon or tie to hang a towel with.

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nutshell by nutshell 27 Jun 2016

Thank you! :-)

by airyfairy 27 Jun 2016

I would imagine it is for the top of a kitchen towel and it is for hanging it up. I could be wrong

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 27 Jun 2016

Yes, a hole to hang the towel after it is sewn on a towel.

bevintex by bevintex edited 27 Jun 2016

you are right, it is a towel hanger, I don't see any directions on how to attach it

nutshell by nutshell 27 Jun 2016

Thank you! :-)

mops by mops 27 Jun 2016

It is a towel topper, as seen in the third picture.

spcekittrn by spcekittrn 01 Jul 2016

I'm not sure if you need to put tule, some other fabric or if you can just go with a wash away stabilizer. Hopefully it is a FSL.